Posted by: chptr37 | 04/16/2009

Pg. 15: Belly Up


The nut brown ale at the Ithaca Brewery. Yum.


  • Miles Today: Dunno
  • Miles Total: 4907
  • From/To: Home-winery-bar-home-bed
  • Slept: Hard.
  • Soundtrack: Fuck You, I’m Drunk, Flogging Molly and … some country singer that my sister likes (Braided Paisely? Page Allen? Allen Gary? I don’t know.)
  • Worst Thing: Life and death on the farm. It has a way of walloping everyone, even when it’s expected.
  • Best Thing: Making my little brother laugh so hard during gin rummy that he had to spit his milk out in the sink.
  • Quote of the Day: “Well, that will be good for your complexion,” said by my grandmother about the upcoming trip to Scotland. Both my grandfather and I were like, “What?” to which she said, “Well, it’s all dewy there.”


I had a whole post idea in my head about local and regional foods, like salt potatoes (which I didn’t realize were regional until I went to a store in Portland once, looking for them, and got blank stares. My explanation–“You know, a bag of baby potatoes, that comes with a huge package of salt?”–didn’t help). I was going to post about cooking venison speedies with my sister (who doesn’t know how to cut an onion and refuses to handle raw meat, but she kept me great company). I was also going to wax eloquent on my travels with beer–how I hated it in high school and college, and didn’t drink it until I had my first stout in Portland and fell in love.

However, since my family did their own beer tasting yesterday, and then brought home a huge bottle of Old Habit to drink with spicy dark chocolate, the rest of my evening pretty much looked like this:

Thiss poss brught to you by sebenteen beerses at hte ITahca brewery. Thank you. buh buy.

Still upright, s.



Belly up to the bar at Ithaca Beer Company.


“They talk of my drinking, but never my thirst.” ~Scottish saying.



  1. You know, even though I grew up in upstate NY with a hunter father, meaning most of the meat we ate was venison, I’ve never heard of venison speedies either! But omigods, they sound good!

  2. Gods woman! I love reading this stuff. It’s funny how families and growing up have those certain points that are universal.

    I am jealous of your cats though – mine always wanted to sleep on top of my head and flick his tail over my face.

    I think I must have been evil in my past life (well evilER) and this was my pennance.

    Enjoy your family and the beers all sebenteen of em -.^

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