Posted by: chptr37 | 04/18/2009

Pg. 17: Fun & Games


Shuffling for the next round of butt-kicking. The shirt reads: “It’s all fun and games until the flying monkeys attack.


  • Miles Today: I should have walked two. Does that count?
  • Miles Total: 4907
  • From/To: The Ithaca Farmer’s Market
  • Slept: Yes.
  • Soundtrack: Monty Python. Not. my. fault.
  • Worst Thing: My dad and his hands full of aces, every time he wasn’t on my Euchre team.
  • Best Thing: Watching the video of the boys at the driving range. It went like this: “Ooh, nice hit.” “Ooh, whiff.” “Oh… -snicker snicker snicker- …that one wasn’t that bad…”
  • Quote of the Day: “Wait, how is that trump again?” -insert explanation here. deal again-  “Wait, that’s trump?” -re-explain- “Okay, I got it now” -throws down the wrong card- “Wait, explain it one more time…”


I think I already mentioned that we’re a competitive, gaming family. I blame it on my grandma, who taught me how to play Yatzee and solitaire and a million other games that I no longer remember. She used to come and visit when I was young (oh, so long ago!) and she’d bring some new game she’d just bought. We’d all the read the directions, she’d promise us she’d never ever played the game in her life, and then she’d proceed to whip our butts silly. Multiple times. And she does it all with this sweet smile on her face, although she really had no idea that she just mangled your ego and your points all in one fell swoop. I swear, games (and her competitive spirit) are half the reason that she’s so vibrant, sharp and funny to this day. I want to be like her when I’m her age.

Well, actually, I’d like to be like her now. At least in the sense of her ability to kick butt and take names when it comes to games. This week, I lost. A lot. My dad, not surprisingly, shares not just his mom’s competitive spirit, but also her “Oh, look at what I just did…. Did I really kick your butt three times in a row? Little ole’ me?” expression. Although my dad’s smile is much less sweet and a lot more evil. Especially when you’re not on his team.


“What? Me, competitive?” Even frisbee golf becomes a contact sport at our house.

This week, we didn’t tackle as many games as we usually do. There just wasn’t time. We had to leave behind old standbys like Boggle, Connect4, Monopoly, the bazillion unheard of, but awesome, games that my grandma finds, and even the favorite of the bunch: Cranium (Which once made my mom flap her arms like an eagle for a very long time and forced my then-teenage siblings to try and explain “puberty” in mime.). Instead, we played group solitaire (which mainly means everyone else watches you and tsk-tsks every time you miss one), gin rummy, five-card stud and various other forms of poker. My dad and I also taught everyone how to play Euchre, which was the game that brought out his most-wicked grin. As well as all of his aces, which he repeatedly used to trump his daughter and steal all my thunder, not to mention my points.

In a mafia family, you become the Don by showing your prowess and earning the respect of everyone else with your business sense and your gun. In a business family, you work your way up from the stockroom to vice president to eventually taking over the company.

In the G-family, you don’t become the head of the household until you can finally trump your elders in a tabletop game. For now, I’ve got a long way to go, and not enough aces up my sleeve. I am, however, working on my sweet smile that says, “Oh, what? Did I just whip you into shape, dad and grandma? Little ole’ me?”

Shufflin’ and dealin’, s.



Taking a break for a less competitive version of fun and games.


“Men play the game; women know the score” ~Roger Woddis



  1. Ya know peach, judging by the way I routinely whipped your ass when we played cards, maybe your dad and grandma aren’t the problem. 😉

  2. Oooh… them’s fighting words!

    -puts up her dukes-

    -promptly falls over-

    Ow! I’m okay!

  3. Yup, definately don’t think it was the family. I mean, I just beat you without doing anything.

  4. Your family sounds a lot like my family….

    My brother’s famous words were “This -isn’t- a game until someone bleeds.”

    This was during our family cookouts were we used the back yard (2+ acres) for our softball, frisbee, soccer, volleyball extravaganza.

    Too bad in Wisconsin we have a lot of small hills and gopher holes.

    Fun times.. fun times. But yeah hon.. I gotta agree on Dak here about the cards /ducks

    But you beat me…… once…. /flees

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