Posted by: chptr37 | 04/23/2009

Pg. 22: Newark to Amsterdam to Glasgow


All jokes aside, haggis is really really yummy. It tastes a little like Chorizo, and would be fantastic with eggs.


  • Miles Today: 3250
  • Miles Total: 8750
  • From/To: Newark to Amsterdam back to Glasgow
  • Slept: Between movies on the plane, and then in a big, comfy chair in the Amsterdam airport.
  • Media: Revolutionary Road, on the plane.
  • Worst Thing: The midges. I’ve been eaten alive.
  • Second Worst Thing: Trying to get into the country.
  • Best Thing: Arriving to a fantastic host friend.
  • Second Best Thing: The haggis.
  • Quote of the Day: “Do you have enough money to buy a ticket home?” One of a hundred questions asked by the woman at the Scottish Immigrations, who seemed rather determined to not let me in the country.
  • Word of the Day: Chippie (n). A fish and chip shop. ‘Chips’ are french fries, while the Scottish word for chip is ‘crisp.’


Scotland. After nearly 9,000 miles, four weeks, six pounds and a rather stern woman at Immigrations, I have arrived in Scotland. The entry didn’t go as smoothly as I might have liked, only because I’m more used to countries where Immigrations asks you two questions. Namely: “Are you a crazy terrorist coming to take over our country?” and “Are you here for a visit?” One of which I get to say ‘no’ to, and the other ‘yes.’ And I’m pretty good about not mixing them up.

The U.K., however, apparently has pretty strict rules about who it will allow in its borders, and the woman at Immigration did not think I fit the paramaters, I don’t think. The interragation began with “Why are you here?” and “For how long?” and ended up with questions on personal finances, friends and my religious beliefs (No, not really on that last one, which was probably a good thing). I thought I might have to break down and cry just to get her to stamp my passport.

But she did, and now I’m here, in the good hands of fantastic hosts. I’m not jet-lagged, but I’m surely tired, and my brain is dead. I’ve had haggis (yum), been bitten by midges (not to much ‘ow’ as ‘wow, that itches like a mother’) and learned a great deal about Scotland already.

Now, I need a wee nap.

Far and fast, s.


Land of the hill and heather, land of the awful weather, land where the midges gather — Scotland the brave.



  1. *waves from across the Irish Sea*

    Looks like I’m going to be in Ireland all summer *pouts and looks longingly towards Oz* so if you’re over this way, come say hello.

  2. ::giggles:: Your woes sound similar to mine, although in the end I had to get married to stay in Wales (and then leaving and returning to find out I still needed a visa) and leaving and returning again). Granted, we were already engaged, but it wasn’t exactly how I’d hoped to get hitched.

    And I like a good, properly prepared haggis, too! Yum!

    But oh gods, the midges…

  3. Glad ya made it safely peach! And my roommate keeps trying to feed us haggis, but so far I haven’t relented. Perhaps now I will.

  4. Yay!! You made it safe and sound /huggles

  5. So I totally just missed you as I drove through Ithaca this weekend to pick up my cousin on our trip down to Long Island.

    I uhh… don’t know what midges are, but I am a bit interested in the process one goes about for eating them.

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