Posted by: chptr37 | 04/29/2009

Pg. 29: Daily Life


No outside photos today. It rained. A lot. Instead you get: salmon from Richie, the fishmonger. Last night’s dinner. Not raw, of course.



  • Weather: Mostly cloudy and rainy, 10 degrees C, poured on me while I was walking.
  • Miles Walked: A couple, I think?
  • Discovery: The biggest koi I’ve ever seen, swimming leisurely through the moat around the Rothesay Castle. It was at least twice as long as my foot.
  • Media: What Shat That? The Pocket Guide to Poop Identity. I found it in the flat, and it covers everything from Bats and Beavers to Whales and Wombats, providing photos, “mess factor” scales and a rather in-depth description.
  • Worst Thing: All the coverage about the Swine Flu. Even here, it seems designed to scare the bejesus out of everyone. And here I thought it was just the U.S. media that did that…
  • Best Thing: The dash of sun that showed her perky head this morning around eleven. Also, having clean laundry straight out of a dryer again.
  • Quote of the Day: “Is that accent Canadian or American? I can never tell the difference.”
  • Word of the Day: Baffies. Meaning slippers or footwear that you only wear in the house. I bought baffies today for 5 pounds. They’re some kind of pretty blue and gray tartan, and they’re keeping my feeties warm.


“Where ya’ from?”

“How long’re ya here fo?”

“What’re ya doin here?”

“Why’d cha pick here?”

I heard these questions a lot today, as I walked around town, doing laundry and picking up a few final things for the flat. And here I thought I blended in so well (at least until I opened my mouth). After all, I’m blonde and pale and pink-cheeked (as are many of the women here). I’ve been wearing my hair up, mostly in a loose bun, because I don’t see anyone with long hair at all (very few past their chin, and those whose hair is longer — about down to their shoulders — all seem to be in their late teens or early twenties). My long, blue wool coat (bought second-hand from Goodwill so many years ago when I traveled in Germany in January) fits right in, as does the rain coat that I’ve been wearing when it’s pouring instead of just grey. The other clothes are similar too — a lot of jeans and t-shirts, wool sweaters (no surprise there), big hats and gorgeous scarves. The scarves — coiled around necks and sticking out of drab coats in vivid colors of pinks and purples and reds — remind me of that wonderful line in The Birdcage, when Nathan Lane’s character sits in his dark suit and reveals bright pink socks amid his very somber colors, retorting “Well, one does want a hint of color!”

So, despite my ability to fit in (sans, at the moment, a bright-spot scarf), it seems that word travels fast in a town this small. Between the local talk, and my “Canadian accent,” everyone seems to realize that I’m new, I’m not a “day-tripper” and that I’m here to stay, at least for a bit. Thus, everyone wants to know everything about me. Where do I live? Where am I from? How long will I stay? Why am I here? What will I be doing?

I realized as I was trying to answer, that I didn’t really have answers. That, in many ways, I’m not sure why I’m here, what I’ve come for, what I hope to find. I guess the locals aren’t the only ones who want to know everything about me. I do too. Here’s hoping the next few months will allow me time not just for writing and hill/stair climbing, but also for cracking open my brain and having a peek inside.

Far and fast, s.



Chicken curry soup, made from scratch on the Easy Bake Oven cooker. A little sweet, a little spicy, and the only thing that seemed to warm my bones today in all the rain.


“After all these years, I am still involved in the process of self-discovery. It’s better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life.” ~Sophia Loren



  1. The fish? Looks delicious!

    The Curry? Looks good too!

    Hehe, I love how the locals “h-a-v-e” to know what you are doing there and what your purpose is. Shanna… Yup, she’s kinda a big deal, people talk about her =P

  2. Aaand gues who can’t even spell their own name correctly? *points his finger at himself*

  3. awww Shawn.. I think that higher learning is getting to you ;p

    But I agree, both dishes look yummy.

    Don’t worry dear, once they think they know all about you, they’ll just save that information for friends and family who will spot you and ask “Who is that” and they will tell them all about you (with of course their own take on things. I’m sure one will hint of you being some international spy on the run – j/k)

    Just remember to be yourself. All this fitting in crap is .. well crap.


  4. Im laughing at the title of that book. Must look it up, wonder if Amazon lists that. LOL.

    Yuum I love stews and soups.

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