Posted by: chptr37 | 05/03/2009

Pg. 33: Day of Rest, Rest of Day


Self-portrait, just after rising from bed. Brought to you by a lazy Sunday.


Going nowhere fast, s.


PS – I’ve been meaning to say thanks to everyone for reading along on the blog — and especially thanks to those who take the time to comment. I know I haven’t been great about commenting back, but I should be better now that I’m settled in and have Internet regularly. All your notes and thoughts and words make me feel so much less alone out here in my new little world!



  1. This picture makes me miss you even more…hope you’re having a good time.

  2. Pfft she wants more comments? Man is she demanding! =P

    P.S. I didn’t get to comment on the last couple posts, but maaaan does the Isle of Bute keep looking better and better!

  3. Hm. Not that I’ve ever been the kind to actually agree with anyone, but..

    As if Scotland wasn’t enticing enough?

  4. Connie: I miss you and the crew too! Sounds like SCAA was fun. Sorry I missed it 😦

    Shawn: I don’t want more comments from you, ya little brat. Hehe. Isn’t it pretty here? If it would just. stop. raining…

    Icewind: -feels his forehead- Are you sick? You never agree with anything…

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