Posted by: Shanna Germain | 05/15/2009

Pg. 45: Back on the Isle


My near-daily walk. Although not today. Today was lazy, wet, hazy and filled with phone calls, bubble baths, reading and writing.



One of the things I love about slow travel — getting to know a place in all its various outfits. It seems like the sunset here is different every night, and always beautiful in its own way.


“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” ~George Carlin



  1. *pouts* Why do I keep getting left out of these ‘phone calls’

    You know I’s gonna get jealous cause you call Daki 😛 I’m totally a million times more awesomer!

  2. When the moon howls! Woo-hoo. Love your little Isle. Beautiful photos! Heading out for some camping and racing. I’ll roast a marshmallow for you and read a naughty limerick around the campfire in your honor.

  3. Ah, Bri, baby. I’ll cal you, you know I will! And I haven’t talked to Daki yet either. They were mostly “taking care of things” calls. I swear 🙂

    Gina Bobina: Damn you for camping and running without me! I wanna play! Share your naughty limerick please, please!

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