Posted by: Shanna Germain | 05/24/2009

Pg. 54: Where in the World…


The magical woods. I can’t imagine why people walk here as much as they do, nor why they call Scotland “the walking country.”


  • Weather: Gray. Cold. Windy. With occasional teases of sunshine.
  • Mileage: Six or seven, I think. Mostly along wooded paths and in the mud and through the shelled-trails. I felt like Little Red Riding Hood, although I looked like a pumpkin.
  • Discovery: The wee farmers’ market at Mount Stuart. Fresh-baked ginger cake with frosting. Yum.
  • Media: The Pirate’s Gospel, Alela Diane.
  • Worst Thing: The midges were out in full force. Nasty little..uh..buggers.
  • Best Thing: My friend, S., is coming into Glasgow tomorrow. Woot.
  • Quote of the Day: You know, I would have much funnier quotes if I could understand people more often. I’m going to have to work on that.
  • Word of the Day: Tube. Idiot.


Are you getting tired of pictures of trees and beaches and wooded paths yet? Yes, me too. But it’s okay — tomorrow I’m off to the big city, and I can give you some pictures of buildings and trains and people instead. Or perhaps I’ll just take a bunch of shots of me in my rain outfit making funny faces at the mirror…

But before I resort to such devious devices, I’m going to twist all of your arms right now into playing along with me. I know you all know what I’m doing (probably in much more detail than you’ve ever, ever wanted to), but I want to know what you’re doing. So, share, please. Send me a picture of something, anything — your dog, your front porch, the field behind your house, the thrift store you saw on your trip to California, the mountain you just climbed or the path you just walked. Send it to me at shanna.germain [at] gmail [dot] com, and give me just a bit of a note about what it is, or why you shot it, or whatever else you want people to know about you, the photo or the thing/place/person it highlights. (Yes, you can be anonymous if you like, or else just tell me which “name” you want me to use. No, you can’t send me naked pictures. (And, of course this last rule doesn’t apply to those of you who already send me naked pictures. You know who you are! Keep ’em coming!))

See, if you share your photos with me, I’m not the only one exposing herself… I mean, blogging about my experiences… all the time. Also, it would give me a day off, which would be fantastic, since I’m going to start repeating myself here pretty soon. After all, how many times can I write “The weather sucked, I walked a lot, I made a fool of myself, I walked some more,” before you (and I) get entirely bored off our duffs? (Or, our bums, as they say here).

So, come on. Take me up on the challenge. Send me your pictures. It’s easy, it’s fun, and it will mean I won’t have to accost the postman!

Far and fast, s.



A pond. I’ve forgotten the name of it, but it was gorgeous and green and not even horribly boggy to walk around.


“Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.” ~Henry David Thoreau



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