Posted by: Shanna Germain | 05/31/2009

Insert 6: Dayle

Almost a week of Inserts. Today is hot and sunny, and I spent the day in Glasgow, walking the streets and giving S. some more blisters. I bet he’s going to be SO glad to get back home!


One of the things I like best about so many of my friends is that they’re pure and total enigmas. In a good way. Their interests are varied, always changing and, very often, completely different than mine. This is especially true of Dayle. A crazy prolific and talented writer (if only I produced half as much as she does!), a traveler (she and her husband not only lived in Scotland for four years, they got married here–by eloping to Gretna Green), and a music-loved (especially for certain bands, and musicians — see below), Dayle is one of those people in my life that encourages me, inspires me (mainly because my competitive side comes out!) and makes me laugh.

Every time I hear the Styx play on the radio, I automatically think of two things: the boy I went to a Styx concert with way back when even though I didn’t really know who they were (I saw a lot of music courtesy of various boys, including Bob Dylan. meaning, I saw him play. Not that he was the boy I went with). And then I think of Dayle, in the front row, listening and watching, that big smile of hers.




I went to three Styx concerts and was highly distracted by my keyboardist, Lawrence Gowan. Who, at one show, grabbed my hand and said “Hello Dayle, how are you?” I’m feeling the love!  🙂



Somebody said to me
Why do you do this to you
Why not sit back and relax
Go to the Islands and forget it all

~Styx, “Lights”



  1. I’m an enigma? Really?! Squee! That’s as good as when someone called me a force of nature!

    One wee correction: Ken and I lived in Wales for four years, not Scotland. After eloping, the first part of our honeymoon was wandering the west coast of Scotland on our motorcycle–a journey that took us quite close to where you’re now living!

    Oh, and you inspire me, too.


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