Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/01/2009

Insert 7: Dean

Last of the week’s worth of Inserts. Welcome to Number 7. After this, I’ll be doing Inserts on a once-a-week basis, so I’m still fully expecting you to keep sending me your photos, your stories, your hellos! Don’t make me poke you…

Dean was one of the first to respond to my request for photos. His subject line read: Leave the Postman Alone!! in huge letters. Which is one of the things about Dean — he often makes me laugh. A coffee and wine guru (yes, I can say that, hush, Dean), Dean spends much of his time attending to the land and the flora that produces these two products. From the lush coffee region of Costa Rica to the vineyards of the States, from running a coffee company to raising two teenage boys, this is a man with both his hands and his mind ever-full…
Turrialba 14
Turrialba, Costa Rica
“I don’t know where I’ll go when the volcano blows.”

I fell in love with Costa Rica from the moment I arrived. There was something mystical initially and then I met some of the Ticos and I was drawn right in.  Friendship, family, peace and harmony are the most important things in a Tico’s life.  Subsequently (within 6 months), I’d bought a coffee farm and not too long after that I joined the SCCA (Specialty Coffee Association). I’ve been busted by customs bring out too much of my Cloud Forest Coffee and am working hard to make a business of export and import of coffee.

I met Shanna in Charlotte a few years ago and picked her brain and read her magazine each time I came.

The photo of the lush greenery and coffee growing is the view from my homesite on the finca.  The Volcan Turrialba can be seen on many days beyond those mountains and blows off steam from time to time.  I bought a used (one owner 79 Range Rover) that can climb straight up a wall and stay in the farmhouse of the Doctor from whom I bought the coffee farm.  His family has become my extended family in Costa Rica.  All of this is in the mountains surrounding the Orosi Valley. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.  It is the land of eternal spring at 4000 feet elevation with daily highs of 78 and overnight lows of 60.  It is a near perfect climate with no flies or mosquitos.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting up on top of the mountain and being inside of a cloud then later in the day watching the sun go down in beautiful colors and seeing the lights of Cartago come on in the evening, lighting up the valley below.  Some days are crowned with a double rainbow after an afternoon shower.

Vineyard Spring 2009 005
I worked in the vineyard today.  Nothing calms me more except for being in the coffee farm in Costa Rica.  Each vine has its own personality.

I’m expecting a bumper crop from the vineyard and the fruit trees in the orchard.  It snowed here for seven months.  The worst winter I can remember.

Especially after spending the past winter entirely in the Carribean.  Not quite sure why I spent the winter in Indiana, but as they say in the Carribean, “betta days r cummin”.

Peace! Enjoy your travels,

“The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing, and becomes nothing. He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he simply cannot learn and feel and change and grow and love and live.” ~Leo F. Buscaglia

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