Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/04/2009

Pg. 65: Lyme & the (Coco)Nut


Gratuitous photo of deer from weeks ago, because I haven’t been out of bed in days, I swear.


Why do they call it Lyme’s Disease? As if it’s a disease that’s kind of sweet, kind of sour. As though it is a disease that goes well with Corona, gin and tonic, and pad thai.

Lyme. Pucker your mouth if you suck on it. The sting that bites into your cuts in that kind of burn, kind of pleasure way. The ingredient that lets ceviche be called “raw shark that you eat with your fingers” instead of “E. Coli. with a side of crackers.”

Lyme. Maybe on a beach somewhere, while you watch the pretty people walk by in their mocha brown swimsuits and their sun-kissed skin. Pick it off the tree and share. Peel the rind back with your thumbnail. Make a green-rind smile. Share your zest.

Lyme. The way martial artists squeeze it into their eyes so they can see better. Just a drop. Okay, maybe two, if you’re really having trouble. It’s not crying. Just that … sensation… of pain. Note: This is not recommended on a routine basis, even if it does let you see your opponent’s nostil hairs before you knock them out.

Lymey, even. The way the British soldiers gathered round on the ships, cracking the limes open, eating fruit and rind, their bodies blooming under the vitamin C. No scurvy here, no sir. We’ll wait and find that at the next port.

Lyme. The scent of the light green soap on one of those mornings filled with sunshine. Scrubbing bubbles. Let it rinse away. Be gone. Down the drain. I wash my hands and skin and bones of this disease.

Fierce and flat-out, s.


PS – I am feeling a bit better, by the way. Just playing around with words in this post, since my brain’s still a bit too fried to write anything coherent.


You put the lime in the coconut, you drink ’em both together
Put the lime in the coconut, then you feel better
Put the lime in the coconut, drink ’em both up
Put the lime in the coconut, and call me in the morning


  1. Oh my, that song is now stuck in my head – but Harry Nilsson isn’t one that I mind being stuck – I had that album – still do in a bin in the basement.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    My understanding is that it’s called Lyme because it was first recognized in Old Lyme, CT. Our gift to the world.

  2. AUGH! You’re sick!! I just got to catch up on the blog and feel terrible that I didn’t know! THIS sounds scary…be sure to take ALL the meds. Did the doctor say you must come back in like 2 weeks or something? Maybe you should ring his bell to be sure. You conquer 4 flights of stairs and a tick lays you low! Rest up, drink lots and glad there’s sunshine to help make you well. Let us know how you’re feeling. I’ll take care of the worrying part – you get well.
    XXOOOXX – Mom & love from all

  3. My snapple bottle cap said that at one time beavers were the size of bears….

    Now -that’s- something to ponder while you’re sick.


  4. PS: Glad you’re on the mend. /hugs

  5. […] Spent a week feeling miserable, exhausted, sick and mentally unwell. […]

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