Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/07/2009

Insert 8: Robin

Welcome to the weekly installment of Inserts! (Hm. That makes it sound like a TV program, doesn’t it? Or something you do to the cat when it’s sick. Perhaps I’ll have to come up with a new promotional slogan…)


As so often happens with people — or, as so often happens with the people in my life, Erobintica and I flittered about the edges of the same writing circles for a long time before we crashed into the same light at the same time. Thankfully, there were no burn marks, but there was a sense (at least for me — I didn’t ask her 🙂 ) of, “Oh, hey, wow. You’re interesting. Where have you been all night?” Only to discover we’d been on the same porch, just looking different directions.

She is poet. Writer. Reader. Nature Lover. Wife.

Of course, no one is ever completely — or even partially — defined by their “titles” so I’ll let her open one of the many boxes of delights that make up Robin.




So sorry you’ve been bitten by that horrid creature (one of the few that I find truly horrid in this world).

When I mentioned (long time ago it seems) that my husband had made me a knife for Mother’s Day the other year, I’d promised you a picture. I took them, but never got around to sending. So, here they are. He didn’t make the damascus steel himself (though he has books and will probably try it one of these days – yes, he has a forge), but he shaped the blade and the brass and the handle, which is mammoth ivory. It’s a small knife, only 6 inches total.  I made the one-piece leather case myself from a pattern I found on the internet (I love the internet). I wear it around my neck – nestled between my breasts – it gives me a primitive thrill. I’ll be wearing it next weekend at our primitive gathering. The little black dohicky hanging off if (just below the handle in the picture below) used to hold a pyritized ammonite fossil, but it kept falling off and I didn’t want to lose it. I need to come up with a better means of attachment.

Am hoping that this finds you feeling a wee bit better. I pulled my first tick off me on Tuesday. Hate the little buggers.

Get well soon.





[A few days later, after I asked her if it was okay to post her letter and pictures, she wrote back with this, which I just loved. The man has a forge!]:



It was funny – last night my husband and I were talking about weekend plans (“what’s on your schedule?”) and he mentioned that he was thinking of pulling his forge out (it lives in the garage) and either making a damascus blade or a “timber tong” for moving logs.  If he does make a damascus blade I’ll take a picture of that too.

“One, two! One, two! and through and through / The vorpal blade went snicker-snack!/ He left it dead, and with its head / He went galumphing back.” ~Lewis Carroll, “Jabberwocky”


  1. Good morning Shanna! I am giggling at the “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” – nope, don’t think they’re at all related. Hahaha.

    Anyhow, he didn’t get his forge out, instead he hauled out his welding equip. and worked to make some repairs to an old anvil he’d bought (smoothing the edges and whatnot) in preparation. It got really gross and humid fast yesterday so he didn’t feel like standing over more heat. Yeah, I know it’s summer, but we’re old, we like our weather changes a bit more gradual.

    Hey, I’ll have to send him over here.

    Feel better!

    • Oh my gosh! Where do those come from?! Could they be any more off? Ha!

      Thanks! I am already!

      Best, s.

  2. First, I have to confess my Freudian reading slip, Robin. When I read the second paragraph of your comment, I thought it said “wedding equipment” and well, you can imagine the image that, uh, aroused in my brain.

    Whew, well, I know what you mean about the joy of discovering Robin over on the other side of the porch. It’s brought much joy, poetry and humor to my life and now that I know she and Mr. E have such interesting hobbies, my admiration goes even deeper!

    Thanks for such a fun post, Shanna!

    • Ha! That’s too funny, Donna.

  3. Good god.. your preggers and the president is ruining your marriage? Were there aliens involved? Or Elvis?

    I think that it is beautiful that your husband made you that – and that you cared enough for it to make the sheath – no matter where you got the pattern from.

    Shanna, you know some awesomely interesting people. And I am very happy that you are feeling better.


    • I do know some awesome and interesting people don’t I? I’m so very lucky!

  4. Cool, Robin! Thanks, Shanna!

    • My pleasure 🙂

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