Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/10/2009

Pg. 71: Weller and Weller


  • Weather: Cold. Oddly enough.
  • Mileage: Two and a half miles! No creaking! Hurrah!
  • Discovery: Following your instincts is very very good.
  • Media: Girls with Slingshots. Start from the beginning. It’s hysterical.
  • Worst Thing: I am missing the small things — movies, homemade cookies, coffee at my local coffee shop, unlimited Internet.
  • Best Thing: I made an appointment to get my hair cut — finally! It’s been since… uh… March. Maybe February. It’s a mop.
  • Quote of the Day: “Aye. You’re never in a hurry, are you, Shanna?” to which I replied, with a rather embarrassed laugh, “What do I have to hurry to?”
  • Word of the Day: Docknail. A nail used to fix the blade to the handle of a scythe. Also, any person or part indispensable to the proper doing of a job.


I’ve learned a few swear words in my time here, and I’d be tempted to use them now, but I have to admit, Scottish swear words are much better to listen to than to read. The way my friend A says, “I really should do xx, but I just can’t be arsed to…” and then laughs in the middle of it, just makes me giddy with delight. (And to think: before I came here, I thought arsed was the stupidest swear word ever — but that’s just because I’d never heard it spoken).

Why swearing? Because, as it turns out, my friends were incredibly smart when they said, “How many pills did the doctor give you? It’s probably not enough…” I thought, “Oh, I’m sure it’s fine…” Right.

My first time at the clinic, the doctor gave me eight pills. Two for the first day, one for the next six. At the end of the week, I was still not feeling better. Well, I was better. I just wasn’t well. So, back in to the clinic. I saw a new, younger doctor this time, who said, “How many pills did the other doctor give you? Well, that’s not enough. You need to take them for at least a month in order to kick it.” (Well, he didn’t say ‘kick it’, but I can’t remember exactly what he said — he had a nice laugh and good eyes and I got all flustered and distracted).

So, I have more pills. Lots more pills. And now I have faith that I really will kick this thing. Eventually. I don’t think I’ve ever been on antibiotics for more than a week ever in my whole life — my yearly bouts with strep throat as a child/teenager being the main reason I landed on them — so we’ll see what kind of impact this has on my body.

But the good news, the best news? I am actually upright. I have risen from my throne of blankets and I have stepped boldly ‘where no one has gone before’ (did you know, by the way, that they changed the original trekkie quote of “Where no man has gone before” to “Where no one has gone before”? Now, I’m not a Star Trek fan by any means — I should duck when I say that here, I’m sure — but I will admit that the quote loses something in the sound with the change-over to be PC).

Either way, the dead has risen. And she is taking the world very tiny isle of Bute by storm.

A little further and and a little faster, s.


“Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot.”  ~Dutch Proverb, sometimes attributed to William C. Hazlitt



  1. If you come and visit I can promise unlimited internet and I will make biscuits and call them cookies. (only the coffee may be a bit shit!)

    ; ) x

    • Wee! I was coming to visit just for your company, but now i know I can have …ahem… cookies too! I’m there!

  2. If there was a way I could send some good hot coffee over to you honey I wouild.

    \o/ for feeling better! The only thing long term antibiotics did for me was screw up the “flora” (not my term, the lady at the health food store used it) in my intestinal tract and I take these Florajen pills every couple of days to help me out

    I should take them every day but blah.. they have to be taken on an empty stomach and you have to wait one hour after taking them before eating and I’m not so good at waiting ;p

    Some yogurts should help with that too I think.


    • Yeah, I’m trying to take care of my flora too. Heh. Of course, it’s impossible to get the right pills on the isle — they’d have to order them, which would take a week, so I’ll just pick some up next week when I go into Glasgow. Hopefully the plain yogurt — I’m going through about a big container a day right now! gah! — will keep me in the right.

  3. Glad you got more pills. Yup, you need to be on them longer than a week! Around here in Land of Lyme they prescribe about 6 weeks worth.

    Never been on antibiotics that long? They (the antis) kill off the bad stuff, but also the good stuff. Use the power of google to find out what you need to find out. Annie above mentioned it. Whenever I had to be on antibiotics for more than 5 days I could always count on a yeast infection too. Not fun.

    We want you better Shanna.

    • -doesn’t want to play Yeast Infection Roulette, thank you very much!-

      Fingers crossed that I can stay away from that. It’s such a crappy, crappy thing…

      Yogurt to the rescue!! 😛

  4. I was one of the people who said that, wasn’t I? Yeppers, that was one of my badbadbad experiences with National Health… I’m glad you had a second doctor who was smarter!

  5. […] way worse again. Back to the clinic and saw a new doctor. This time, was given 28 days worth of Doxy, still at 100 mg a day. Which, […]

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