Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/11/2009

Pg. 72: Mundane


  • Weather: Warm and very, very windy.
  • Mileage: About three, but mostly disguised as errands.
  • Discovery: Apparently not even the tiny town of Rothesay is immune from Swine Flu.
  • Media: Oye. I made the mistake of looking at the news: Plane fires, tadpoles raining from the sky, floods in Britain, swine flu pandemics… Some days I am okay not to know.
  • Worst Thing: I love having the windows open. I hate the bugs that come with the open windows.
  • Best Thing: Yaycations. Of course, I’m not spending money on any of these things right now, except my mochas. Which. I. Will. Not. Give. Up.
  • Quote of the Day: “Well, if it’s a pandemic, then why don’t they just say so and get on with it?” overhead at the laundrama.
  • Word of the Day: See yas laytrrr! Not really a word, but this is by far the most commonly heard phrase on the isle. Said by everyone, everywhere, all the time.


I’ve never had a dishwasher. My parents never had one while I was growing up (they still don’t, actually, and I doubt they’ll ever every get one. I just don’t think it’s in their nature. The same way they’ll never have air conditioning, although they did break down and buy cell phones last year, which was a serious shock to my system). I didn’t have one in my first apartment — if you can even call it that, the mold- and moss-filled hovel where I lived my last year of high school and my first semester of college. I barely had a shower in that place, much less a dishwasher, but it was all I could afford on a part-time server’s salary. None of my dorms or houses in any of my colleges had one. Actually, I did have one house in Portland that had a dishwasher. So I lied. See how I am? I did have a dishwasher, for about three months. And then I didn’t again. I had a gorgeous porcelain sink that I loved, and that cracked dishes like no other sink I’ve ever used.

I’ve been more lucky with washing machines. If there wasn’t one in the apartment or house, there was typically one in the basement or within walking distance.

Today, I did both dishes and laundry. Okay, yes, I know this blog is taking a nose dive when I start boring you to death with mundane household chores. But, damn it, I’ve been sick! That means that things have piled up. Doing both in one day is a serious achievement. Shush you, back there in the peanut gallery. It is!

Actually, the dishes weren’t such a big deal. I don’t mind doing dishes as long as they’re not a hundred years old, greasy and baked on. Some people just pile up dishes with all the crap still on them and in them so that it hardens into a comet-like mass that must be laser-blasted off. On the other hand, I’m a rinser. (Yes, this is like the “paper or plastic”, “cat or dog”, “filer or piler”, “swallower or… ” Okay, never mind. You get it.). When things are rinsed, I actually kind of like doing dishes (no, I won’t come do yours). It’s a good time to think of story ideas or daydream or sing out loud.

Laundry, on the other hand… no one likes doing laundry. (Okay, I’m sure someone does, but if you’re one of those someones, please don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.). Here, laundry must be carried in big plastic tartan bags almost half a mile down the street to the town’s (the island’s?) only laundrama. Half a mile does not seem far — it isn’t far — unless you’re lugging two bags full of towels, sheets, jeans, shirts, underwear, socks and coats. Plus laundry soap. Plus all the dollar coins you need to do laundry, which weight a ton and make you jingle like the Salvation Army bell when you walk.

Today was especially hard. My arm muscles have withered while I’ve been sick (as has my stomach, although my ass has grown. What is that about illness? Did my arms and stomach just get lonely while I was down and out, and decide to take a train down and visit my ass for a while? I have no idea…). Anyway, carrying bags made me sweat on account of still being sickly, and I had to keep setting them down. And then I got to the laundrama and the machines were all full. ‘Kin ya come back in an hour er so?’ So I did. And then I kicked some poor guy out of his machine by accident. And then I came back and all the dryers were full. So, all told, it took me a solid four hours to do two loads of laundry today. Gah!

The good news is my arms didn’t fall off, although they did threaten to take a trip down and visit my ass again, which I quickly put the kibosh on. And now I have clean laundry, and a clean throne bed, and clean dishes. Which means tomorrow, I can return to my regularly scheduled program of writing and napping walking. And, hopefully, blogging about something slightly more exciting than laundry and dishes.

Vacuum, anyone?

Far and fast, with clean clothes, s.


“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don’t have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?”



  1. Love laundry, hate dishes, and you’re getting much much better with the funnies in writing. I’s so proud. 😉 *squeezy hugs*

    • Yeah. You’re one of those! I knew it! 🙂

  2. Everyone gets mundane. Someone urged me to make a twitter/fb account to keep in touch but I always feel silly because I think whoever wants to hear about the mundane details of my life? Then again maybe thats what stuff like Twitter is for.

    I can manage without a dishwasher but for me life would be a pain without a built in
    a washer or dryer. I been lucky in that most places I was in a home with a hookup.

    Its only recently that I ve been in a house where the A/C is a must in the desert climate where I have now been banished. To ”save” on AC expenses right now living in a house with a ceiling fan in each room that runs constantly during the summer. This is weird for me.The house before the dishwasher had been broken for some time as well as only 2 or three burners still working on the 5 burner stove in a shared rental house, so I got used to being inconvenienced for a few years.

    Sorry to say the whole ass pull down is an effect of gravity and time. Middle age has snuck up on me and I dont exercise regularly like I did when I was young. I’ll stop now before I scare you for the horrors to come.

    • Oh, AC… one of those things that I despise. Ick, ick. I’d rather have the dead of winter than live in a place where I had to have constant AC. I’ve decided it sucks the soul out!

  3. I guess I’m a bit different. I enjoy domestic chores. I run a multimillion dollar company with 80 million dollars in real estate assets but what I really likie to do is work in the garden, ccok, and do the dishes. I mean really do the dishes. I don’t like the dishwasher at all. I guess it’s the simple things in life I enjoy. Cooking, cleaning, working in the farm. Avoiding the blackberry and the omnipresence of business, business, business, egad, one must simplify. I’m so tired of the rat race!!!

    • Okay, Dean, you officially have an excuse! That actually means a ton of sense 🙂

  4. see yas layterrr

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