Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/14/2009

Insert 9: Pix

I did mention that my friends come from all walks of life, all sections of the map and all sorts of mental states, right? Well, I was probably thinking of Bri Da’Pixie (AKA Pix) when I wrote that last bit. Pix is the kind of girl who epitomizes ADD, in all its glory. A conversation with her goes something like this: “What do you mean? I don’t have AD— Ooh, a shiny! See, butterfly? It’s fast. Did I ever tell you that I love fast cars? I had to check in forty people for a Corvette convention today…”

And that’s just in the first thirty seconds.

The first time I met Pix, she was a vampire in an online game. Then she was a gender-bending, mind-changing dragon. Then she was a pixie. Then she was a red-headed barmaid with a snooty attitude and a bun in the oven. All of which, somehow, suit her personality to perfection. In real life, she’s all of those things and more. Funny, supportive, loyal, delightfully clumsy and completely filter-less.

When I think of Pix, I think of so many things: LOLZ and “I can haz cheeseburger.” Leg waxing. Traveling. Wins, losses and an awful lot of throwing Webster’s Dictionary at the wall. Stupid senses of humor. Why size matters. Deviant art and renders. Driving and dialing. Tripping and falling in sneakers. The time she leaned in to look at something through a window and nearly knocked herself out on the glass. The time she tried to “borrow” the police officer’s handcuffs while we were all out at dinner. The way she cracks herself up, which cracks me up, which cracks her up even more, until it’s just this vicious circle of laughter that everyone must get in on.

Pix is one of a kind (Thank the gods!) But she’s also one of the good ones.



The first pix that Pix sent, with the words, “I shit you not,” beneath it. When I asked for more information, she wrote: “I was just walking down Park Ave.  looked up, tripped, spotted the sign and was like “oooo syrr will like this” so I sents.” [author’s note: Syrr is me, fyi.]



Dear Gorgeous,

Ok you said I should write something… so… here’s something.

The End.

J/k  Ok something about my travels, which are extensive. Let’s see, I suppose my favorite place to go was Okinawa, Japan.  Gorgeous island, deep blue and emerald green waters, perfect temperatures all year around, and I didn’t even mind the rainy season. That was probably the only place I’ve ever felt like I was home. I lived there for an entire 2 years, until unforseen circumstances caused me to leave. I absolutely loved it. Every day possible I would drive down to the Kadena Marina and sit out on the coral rock, just watching the waves.

Some of the locals tried to teach me to surf once, and lets just say it didn’t end prettily. I’m a clutz on stable ground, me + surfboard + waves = horrible disaster. Oh well, it was still a fun day though. I miss that place most of the time. Couldn’t speak the language but that didn’t matter. They were all so nice.

My other favorite place to go would be Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Three years going back and forth from San Diego, I’ve learned to appreciate the city… and the fact that it has some of the most gorgeous sunsets off the cliffs that I have ever seen. Oh and the boyfriend lives there.  Definitely a bonus to go back and forth for him. The amazing architecture in the park though is definitely worth the sunburn I got last time.

And that’s about it.  Miss you.

*squeezy hugs and sloppy kisses*

-Bri a.k.a.  The Pixie


“All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust!” ~Peter Pan
“Forget that. All you needs is me!” ~Pixie


  1. Omg! I remember that picture of me! Almost 6 years ago, sitting in my apartment in Japan, sunshine coming through the window of my balcony doors. Worst picture ever! LOL but still nice.

    And I will have you know I do not have ADD, I just have a very bouncy mind. Not my fault. 😉

    • Who are you kidding? You’re gorgeous! And you do so have ADD…

  2. I’m gonna have to go with Peach on this one, you totally have ADD. Though I think she may have misrepresented you in the first part, that’s actually probably more like the first 15 seconds. I’m betting you could get through way more than that in 30 😛

    And yeah, no matter what, you’ll always be The Pixie, or Pix to me. Hell, you’ve become one of my absolute best friends and I still don’t actually use your name!

    P.S. I agree with Peach, totally gorgeous.

  3. Well of course I’m gorgeous… duh 😛 but I was dead tired from working all night, my hair was a mess, and I looked like pasty ghosty girl. Not a flattering pic but thanks guys. *squeezy hugs*

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