Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/21/2009

Insert 10: Jeremy

Jeremy makes me laugh. A lot. And often.

In some ways, I want to stop right there, and leave him to tell you just how funny he is. But (as most people who know me will gladly tell you), I can’t leave well enough alone. So I must elaborate. Besides, he deserves it.

Jeremy has this whip-crack way with words. This… indescribable and fast-as-hell wit that even I have to struggle to keep up with (and, yes, I’m witty. Shut up, you in the back of the bus!). He’s one of the few people I would love to play Boggle against, because I believe he might actually have a chance of beating me (ooh, do I hear a challenge, Mister J? I think I do!).

He’s also, like so many of the people I’m proud to call friends, multi-talented. He’s a musician and a singer, an artist, a computer geek, a performer, an author (an amazing author — wordsmith, heart on the page, pleasure on the page, and a master story teller), a husband, a romantic… well, about a million other things. And they all delight me.

Let him delight you too. With a photos and a bit of funny, off-the-cuff, hysterical and hilarious prose that is entirely him. And entirely worth reading, again and again.

And now, without further ado, enter, Jeremy and the wizard of Oz! …I mean the Cowardly Lion!




Jeremy’s “Friendly Lion.” I wonder if it has a heart? Oh, wait, that’s the wrong creature…


Dear Shanna,

Recently Helia and I encountered a friendly lion, who agreed to pose for a picture. (The lion also took one of us–but it didn’t come out, on account of his having eaten the camera immediately afterward. Of course, the camera itself eventually came out … but at that point we really didn’t want it back.)

Have you ever taken a friendly lion to lunch, Shanna? It’s never too late to start (though at a certain point you’ll be obliged to order from the dinner menu). I was on the mossy side of 40 before even inviting my first friendly lion to break bread with me–and that was in kilometers! (The lion in question turned me down, on a technicality. She didn’t say which one.) The most important thing to remember, when escorting an f.l. to l., is what “f.l.” and “l.” stand for in the present paragraph. Hell if I do!

Later, on our way to an art tasting, we saw a rabbit and a hare walking together for a block or two. But at 59th Street the rabbit took a shortcut, while the hare went into a barbershop and took a harecut. I tell you, with corny shtick like that, it’s no wonder their bookings are down. (Likewise mine.)

There was something else I was going to say, but memory isn’t serving, at the moment. I’ll have to wait for the buffet to open.

Anyway, now we’re home from New York, and I have my land legs back (at least I *think* they’re mine). The frost is on the punkin–so I guess it’s a good thing we’re finally cleaning out the freezer next weekend.



“A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing.”  ~William Shakespeare



  1. I could spend all night with the Boggle board* and not find the words to decribe how good you’ve made me feel today. : )

    Big, lion-sized (and possibly lion-shaped) quantities of love and admiration from Pennsylvania! (And I hope to have the pleasure of putting-up-a-good-fight-but-ultimately-losing to your mad Boggle skillz someday!)

    *Though that can result in losing pieces under the mattress.

  2. This is so great!

    and now we’ll have “take a lion to lunch day” !

    Thanks Jeremy for sending this to Shanna.


  3. I ♥ Jeremy. And thanks for the lovely lion story. It reminds me, I must go and find the cat.

  4. How about a “take yo lion to church day”?

    Jeremy makes me laugh a lot and often too. Such mastery of smut, storytelling, and humor. Someday I hope to snort coffee through my nose, not from afar like usual, while laughing hysterically at some Jerotic gigglesnort, but right across the table from Mr. Jeremy. I’ll try not to get him wet, but it won’t be easy. At a divey old wafflehouse someplace. While noshing on greasy breakfast potatoes and sausage and piles of hotcakes floating in hot puddles of real maple syrup. That would be some messy fun.

  5. Aw, thanks, Erobintica, A, and Gina Marie!! The lion and I are *both* blushing bigtime!

  6. -is just sitting back and enjoying the banter-


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