Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/22/2009

Pg. 83: YoYoYo


Just in case you wondered whether the good son had a point of view on slang. It appears he’s in favor. Also, I see a new song on the horizon. -sings, to the tune of Jesus Loves Me– “Jesus loves yo, this I know, for the church sign tells me so…”


PS — Bear with me just a few days while I inundate you with some old photos instead of the usual text, as I’m having a wee relapse from the Lyme’s. Mostly fatigue and achy joints, which I understand is pretty common since I’m not “officially” well yet, plus a bit of side effects from three solid weeks of antibiotics. Not to worry, though. I’m eating my yogurt and my Manuka honey, and I’ve got two weeks of antibiotics left. I’ll be bouncing about like a cracked-up rabbit (or perhaps roaring like a friendly lion) in no time.

Far and fast, s.


“Slang is a language that rolls up its sleeves, spits on its hands, and goes to work.” ~Carl Sandburg



  1. Yo – how’re ya feeling yo?

    • Yo. I feelin’ crappy yo. You? 🙂

      • eh.. you know.. same shit.. different day. I was reminded today why I am not “management” material when I got a phone call about “doing my job” and I wanted to reply “well I left my tutu and magic wand at home but I think I have a magical tiara somewhere I can put on when I come up there to visit you in person!!”

        I’m such a little fuckin’ ray of sunshine sometimes, yo.

      • Yer my farkin ray o sun, yo. And, apparently, my fairy godmother in disguise. That’s all I need!

  2. Sorry about the relapse! : (

    • Aw, thanks. It’s okay. I’m gonna’ do some Lyme butt-kicking you just wait!

      -puts up her dukes and does a poor job of dubbing-

      You wanna’ fight, fight me.

  3. hope you r feeling better soon

    • Thank you! So very very much!

  4. […] 22: Had a bit of a relapse, mostly exhausted and achy. I took it slow for about a week. As it turns out, this little bout of […]

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