Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/25/2009

Pg. 86: Looking Up


Sometimes all it takes is a change in perspective. I’ve walked beneath this street lamp outside the flat a thousand times and never noticed how gorgeous it was.


“When I look down, I miss all the good stuff. When I look up, I just trip over things” ~Ani Difranco


  1. That’s a truly gorgeous photo. And I love that song.

    • Thanks, E! I do too… 🙂

  2. Nice! “Art Nouveau wuz here.”

    (Good old Artie Nouveau. Talented guy!)

    • Ha! -steals Artie’s nametag for her own-

  3. i have a friend in costa rica named dean. he is 84 years old. he has a driver and explained to me one day how much of a treat it is to have a driver. you see the world from a very different perspective. he has treated me to his driver a couple of times and how right he is. there are things out there, right in your own backyard, that you are completely unaware of unless you take the time. since i’ve experienced life from the passenger seat it has also affected how i look at other things. bottom line, i ALWAYS stop and smell the flowers. you never know when it will be the last time. just ask the king of pop, i’m sure he’d agree.

    • Oh, this is such a great example of how easy (and hard) it is to change our perspective, our thoughts, our views. I feel the same way about being in a car — I’d much rather see the world by foot or bike. It’s so much more tangible!

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