Posted by: Shanna Germain | 06/27/2009

Pg. 88: In Which Slugs Take Over The Flat


  • Weather: Grey as a mo-fo. Are mo-fos grey? Grey as a seal. Grey as an unshined silver spoon. Grey as a ghost.
  • Mileage: Couple-ish.
  • Discovery: The bagpipes play all day long here on summer Saturdays. All day. They are, it would appear, a hard instrument to master.
  • Media: Under Our Skin: An Infectious New Film (a new documentary on Lyme’s… Go under Watch, and view the trailer. It’s scary.)
  • Worst Thing: I am still feeling bloody hellish.
  • Best Thing: I saw a movie. A real life movie in a real live theater! Hell yeah!
  • Quote of the Day: “I want to say… since you moved here, Rothesay’s got a prettier view.” By my downstairs neighbor, who seems nice enough, but who has a dog that barks and barks. And barks. Incessantly.
  • Word of the Day: “Whit dae ye cry thon yin?” What do you call that one?


I am officially a slug, in a flat full of slugs…

How do I know there are slugs other than myself? Because I wake up in the morning and find their trails — slimy and glittery — along the rugs, across the computer cords, dragged over any piece of clothing I might have left on the ground. Sometimes if I’m up late, and I turn on a light in another room, I find one that has sneaked out like a slow-moving cousin of a cockroach, its soft body black as night. The slugs here are nothing like the Banana Slugs back home. Oregon boasts these slugs — which earn their name by being as big as the fruit (12 inches!) and colored exactly like bananas when they get to the banana-bread stage (meaning dark yellow, with lots of black spots).

Here, the slugs look like the side of a bicycle tire. Black-black, with little ridges through the top of them. As if they needed traction in case they somehow got rolled on their backs. They are fairly tiny, with antennae that look like black rubber bouncy balls on strings.

The worst part is that, judging from the slime trails, the slugs are more active than I am these days. Although that’s not saying much. I’ve never had an illness like this — and I hope to never, ever have one again. I keep thinking I’m fine, only to get knocked on my butt again by aches, fatigue, pain, dizziness, headaches… you name it, I’ve got it. The other morning, I woke up to this really lovely rash, across my neck of all places.

I had this book when I was a kid, called Could Be Worse!, by James Stevenson, where the refrain is, not surprisingly, “Could be worse!” I’m saying that to myself a lot these days. It really could be worse. Much, much worse. And despite how awful I feel, I do feel better than I did. Now it’s just grumpiness that I can’t seem to just kick this thing to the curb and live my life with the energy and enthusiasm that I’m used to.

Still, there are a million things to do while I’m learning how to “take it slow” — reading, watching the sunset, listening to the bad bagpipes, cooking, writing, napping. Somewhere, my Type A Fairy is having a conniption fit at this still space in which I’m moving, but she’ll learn to live with it. My Type S Fairy (for Shanna, Slow, Sluggish, Slothful, Sick, Still, Sane) is in her heyday. It’s time she got to rule the roost for a while…

Slow and sluggish, s.


“When things go wrong, you’ll find they usually go on getting worse for some time; but when things once start going right they often go on getting better and better.” ~C.S. Lewis



  1. Enjoy your type S time, I am. It does not come often enough.

  2. Today we went to see Stonehenge. Very Cool and what an accomplishment. Those people 7500 years ago were very motivated??
    We saw churches built in 908 and 1220, we also passed a restaurant called “the slug and the lettuce”. I think it was built last year and we didn’t eat there, we had fish and chips in an Inn some 500 years older instead.

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