Posted by: Shanna Germain | 07/09/2009

Pg. 100: A Hundred Days, A Hundred Ways


I dig the buildings in Germany. Here, five beautiful and tall buildings house restaurants along the Rhine. They don’t lean like the buildings in Amsterdam, but they boast amazing colors.



  • Weather: Blustery. Sunny. Rainy. Somehow all at the same time.
  • Mileage: Just a bunch of walking around. I’m trying to take it slow and not kick my own ass too badly.
  • Food: “Weiner art.” I expected lincoln-log like structures on my plate. No such thing. But it was yummy.
  • Discovery: The Rhine. It is two blocks from the apartment and it is gorgeous.
  • Media: Neither Here Nor There, Bill Bryson
  • Worst Thing: Realizing that I will never, ever be able to write like Bill Bryson.
  • Best Thing: Finding a supermarket near the apartment, and attempting to read the labels. A lot of the words are fairly easy to read, but then you get into something where you’re stuck. For example, I couldn’t figure out which was milk, and which was half-and-half.
  • Word of the Day: Doboschtorte: a seven-layer cake with mocha cream. Yes, this is a word that one must know.


I just have to start this post by saying that I’ve now officially travel-blogged for one hundred days straight. Despite travel, lack of internet, Lyme’s disease, having nothing to say, and various other snags… every day for one hundred days. What was I thinking?!

When I originally envisioned this blog, it was one of those moments of, “Hey! I should blog about my travels every day for the next year! What a great idea!” Yeah, what a great idea. Until the reality unfolded in front of me, and it slowly dawned on me that every day meant, well, every day. Every single day. And that a year is comprised of 365 of those “every single days.” That’s a hell of a lot.

Since the blog’s inception, I’ve traveled across the US, spent some time bouncing around Scotland, written poems and funny (ahem, I said funny) essays and sad travelogues, gotten sick and mostly recovered, missed home and friends and foods, learned new things, and, alternatively, been high on life, bored out of my mind and frustrated to no end. That’s also a hell of a lot.

I’m so very grateful to those of you who have come with me on this journey so far. Some of you from the start, others who’ve joined along the way, and still others who hop in for short rides and then hop out again. Thank you to those who’ve commented, who’ve let me pick their brains for the my Inserts Series (speaking of which… -pokes- …I need some new ones. If you haven’t played along yet, now is the time!), and to those who’ve lurked or who’ve responded to me via email. Thank you to those who’ve liked parts, hated parts, said the blog made them think or cry or rant or laugh. The blog would be nothing without all of you. Just like the writer would be nothing without all of you.

That being said, we’ve only just begun this journey. A hundred days is a hell of a lot, but it’s less than a third of the way to the end. So: What else do you want? What would you like to see or hear about? What parts of this travelogue are missing? What parts do you hate or love?

I have some ideas for the future. I’m going to start doing a Friday food bit — local recipes that I’m making, or restaurant food that you can’t get anywhere else in the world, those kinds of things. (Yes, Danielle, I’m going to be the next Nigella! And I already have my first recipe, involving fresh Scottish oysters.). I’m also going to start doing a travel tip post once a week, I think. Share all the hard-learned lessons from the road. I’ll try to do more funny now that I’m feeling better (funny is a bitch to write in general. It’s a serious bitch to write when your body is backfiring on you at every given moment).

But, what else? What do you want to see or read about? Feel free to tell me, in the comments, in an email, via IM. This blog is mine, yes, and it’s about my travels, both mental and physical. But this blog is just as much yours, and about your own travels and experiences. I want you on board with me, to see the world in a new, exciting light, to explore at my side. The joy of traveling, after all, is traveling with friends. If you weren’t here with me, the experience wouldn’t be half as much fun. And, I have a feeling, that without you, 365 days would feel at least twice as long…

Far and fast,  s.



One of the many cobbled side-streets that I walked down. Bikes, flowers and black iron are very common sights throughout Cologne.


“A journey is best measured in friends , rather than miles.” ~Tim Cahill



  1. Hey Shanna, sorry I can’t think of anything I’d “want” to see here – maybe because I’m just happy reading whatever (well, maybe not “happy” about the lyme – but glad to be able to read about it – oh my, I haven’t had any coffee this morning and my brain is not quite working properly) – your new ideas sound fun.

    What I think I like about this blog is it’s “real stuff” not fancy travel stuff that I’d probably never do – not that I’ll ever get to do what you’re doing – and it’s not “vacation” centered – it’s life centered. Okay, I’ll stop typing now and go hit the coffee.

    • Thanks, Robin! I am glad you’re enjoying it! Always open to suggestions too! Yeah, so very real. Probably too much so! Hee.

  2. More jellyfish please.

    And maybe you could take a picture of a naked, male chest for each town/place you visit. : ) So like run out now and ask some Cologne guy to lift up his t-shirt for a snapshot.

    It’s a wonderful blog. Full of humanity and truths, and beautiful language. Well done.

    • Oh my gods… that’s the best suggestion I’ve ever heard!

      -goes out to accost some poor German guy-

      -realizes she should learn how to say, “Please lift up your shirt so I can take a picture of your sexy chest for the whole world to see,” in German first-


  3. bitte zieh mal dein hemd hoch damit ich ein foto für die ganze welt von deiner brust machen kann

    • Way to come through, Danielle!!!!!

      I’m going to make a sign that says that for all the cute German men and women i see! Or, wait, do I need to change some gender stuff if it’s for a girl? 😛

  4. hey shanna..:-) dont need to change anything..its gender-neutral/unisex..:-))

  5. Haha … I’m so easy, I did it without being asked. (Photo session was this weekend.)

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