Posted by: Shanna Germain | 07/16/2009

Pg. 107: The World Locked in My Pocket


Oooh, chocolate! Lots and lots and lots of chocolate! Here it’s just been deposited in molds and is on the conveyor belt on its way to get hardened and then wrapped.



  • Weather: Oh. So. Hot. It is July here all of a sudden, after feeling mostly like October for the past week. Everyone is panting.
  • Mileage: Four or five km, I’d guess. Enough, especially in this heat.
  • Food: Uh… some kind of hotdog/bratworst/sausage thing that was as long as my arm, and almost as big around. Plus, fried potatoes and this cabbage… I have never had cabbage like this. It was buttery and cheesy, and I’m pretty sure it had some kind of bacon pieces in it.
  • Discovery: The entire city of Cologne is a fashion plate. Pictures to come, I promise.
  • Media: I rock because I found a free version of True Blood, Season 2, Episode 4. I am a pirate. Argh. Or is that Yargh?
  • Worst Thing: I still can’t make the washing machine work. It hates me something fierce. I hear it at night going, “Haha. Tomorrow I spun her clothes a hundred miles an hour and wouldn’t give her water. Tomorrow I will flood her clothes and not spin them at all.” Remember Christine? Right. Imagine it as not a car, but a German washing machine.
  • Best Thing: Watching this chick walk right into the glass door at the coffee shop. Nose and whipped-creamed coffee first. I know, I know, it’s not funny. It’s really not. And, no, I’ve never ever done that myself. Never. It left a fantastic nose and whipped-cream shape on the glass though. Okay, okay, the real best thing was the guy playing the violin right below my window this evening… he was so good.
  • Word of the Day: Shampoo. Means “shampoo.” Pflegespülung. Means “conditioner.”


After the rather serious and sad visit to the Gestapo house, it seemed to me that it was time for a visit to the Chocolate Museum (or the Schokoladenmuseum, which I can’t say even without chocolate in my mouth). The museum, which is located right on the Rhine, looks like a cross between modern architecture, a greenhouse, and a castle. It also is about as hot as the rain forest that it hosts in one part of it. In fact, I couldn’t imagine how the chocolate wasn’t melting all over the place. Nor the people who were sitting at the machines making truffles, miniature bars and molded animals. I wandered around, re-learning about cocoa production (I’d forgotten how much I already knew, since cocoa and coffee go hand-in-hand), gawking at chocolate-making machines, peering at chocolate-oriented gods and idols, and then looking at the various old advertisements and storefronts.

Somewhere along the tour, a woman gave me a wafer dipped in a glorious chocolate fountain waterfall, and I felt all “Veruca Salt” with delight as I walked along, licking my chocolate stick.

I would have stayed longer — it smelled so incredibly good — but the heat was starting to get to me, as were all the people pushing me on the stairs and trying to lick my chocolate stick (it’s not my fault they ate theirs so fast!), and so I beat it back outside (walking right by the huge candy shop by the exit without buying a single thing, I’m proud to say!).

The rest of the evening was pretty much spent doing nothing except wishing I’d bought some of that chocolate at the store. Or at the very least, stolen a couple more chocolate sticks from some oblivious children…

Far and fast, with a mouth full of chocolate, s.


This creepy little gnome is just one of the many old-school chocolate delivery systems. You put in your money and he gives you a piece of chocolate from that hole between his legs. Fantastic.



Me, smelling spices at the chocolate museum. The only one I  couldn’t name was coriander; I thought it was cumin.


“I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket. It’s my bar of chocolate. Give it to me now.” ~Veruca Salt, from Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


  1. haaa…its so funny..when i was 12 i sticked my waffle in exactly the same chocolate fountain in teh very same museum..maybe into the same chocolate…:-)))

    • Okay! See, now I’ve shared my chocolate lick-a-stick with you too!!! Did you double- dip? You did, didn’t you?

  2. If you want the truth,
    I like the creepy little gnome

    When I spent my time in europe originally (mid 70’s) with long hair and backpack I was not treated well in Germany. It took me a full day to get through the country and I was hasseled on the train at most every stop by the customs and immigration ppl. I was pleased to get through the country and get to Copenhagen.

    Years later I returned (to Berlin mostly, but also to Hamburg) to promote tourism and instead of long hair and back pack I was with collared shirt (sometimes suit) and dress pants, even jeans and polo,etc….

    WOW…there were some very cool things seen on the trips to Berlin. It was right after the wall came down and ppl finally had the opportunity to visit the east. Many streets and village squares were the same as they were from the war. I mean nothing had been repaired since the 1940’s.
    No street lights, broken windows from the bombings… money …..amazing.

    At the same time the arts scene was so out of this world and avante garde I didn’t know what to think except that this was very cool. Bands and plays and late, late late night poetry readings (in a language that I did not understand) went on and on and on. The was a burlesque show in a 100 year old tent with heat and solid oak floors and cool lights…

    Berlin, I think is a very progressive city.

    Shanna, It would appear that the tick tock has mostly gone away. You have hit it hard the past couple of weeks and it is a pleasure to follow your lead. Sorry I missed you having been within a few hundred miles. Next time.


    • Hehehe. I actually like him too. Don’t really want chocolate out of his pants, but he made me laugh. Almost as much as the swan one!

  3. I dunno that I’d be wanting to eat something from between that gnomes legs… even if it was covered in chocolate. I just realized the germans are more effin perverted than I thought!

    Which is saying something cause of the few I do know, they’re really big perverts. Granted that pretty much covers just about everyone in my acquaintance but still! 😉

    • Oh, come on. It’s chocolate. You’d eat it no matter where it came from 🙂

      And, yeah, you’d fit right in!

  4. I have to admit the Germans that I know are a bit twisted. They like frequent the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and look at things very differently…

    • I had to look up Reeperbahn Festival! It looks fun to me… but maybe that’s because the site was all in German, so all I could do was look at the pictures! 😛

  5. Shampoo. Means “shampoo.” Pflegespülung. Means “conditioner.”

    Laughed until tea came out my nose. (Okay, was drinking tea at the time. So is not as eerie as it sounds.) But jeepers. Warn me next time. Will ya?


    • LOL! I win! Hehehe.

      If that made you laugh, you should have seen me in the store, trying to figure out where the conditioner was. The shampoo tricked me into looking for the word conditioner, and I must have gone around the store six times, opening things, trying to find something that smelled like conditioner. The clue? I saw something that said “2 in 1: shampoo & pflegesulung” on it, and realized, “Oh, shit.”

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