Posted by: Shanna Germain | 07/25/2009

Pg. 116: Petal Power

Today, I took a small, short, uphill walk to the Ardencraig Gardens. Since my brain is dead from too much fiction writing and about a zillion emails that required my attention after two weeks adrift, I’m giving you a photo tour of the walk and gardens. Photos presented in the order they were shot. Captions may or may not be beneficial. Enjoy!

Farther and faster, s.


IMG_3787 2

The swans and babies, who have left the castle moat, crossed the main street of Bute and now live in the ocean. This photo is for my mom, who (I’m pretty sure) didn’t believe me when I said there were swans in the sea here.



Bouquet of flowers next to the ocean. There is a hotel here in town who puts bouquets on the benches every weekend. Always something different.



I have no idea what this flower is, but the color was gorgeous. And since there was a traditional Scottish wedding (kilts and all!) being filmed in the outdoor garden space, I walked around the greenhouse for a while, looking at all the plants I didn’t know the names of.



Baby cacti, all in a row. It’s like a cacti nursery in there.



Some kind of sedum and rocks (don’t you just find my captions incredibly helpful? Can you believe I used to work at a greenhouse?)



I have no idea what this plant is either — some kind of sedum or aloe-y thing. I just liked the bright, light green of it in the sunshine.



Yet another unknown flowering thing. I thought this was too gorgeous not to take a photo of. It’s just so sensual, isn’t it?


“In gardens, beauty is a by-product.  The main business is sex and death.”  ~Sam Llewelyn



  1. My gosh, the colors are beautiful, like flowers in the Caribbean and Latin America!!

    That X rated one on the bottom looks good enough to eat, like the scallops yesterday.

    I love greenhouses. Worked in one during college, 3 acres under glass, loved every day.

    Planning one for my retirement home for summers in Northern latitudes, don’t exactly know the location yet…

    • Aren’t they gorgeous!? I love Scotland’s flowers. And I like the x-rated one too 🙂

      Ooh, three glassed-in acres sounds exquisite.

  2. Beautiful pictures – I’m going to take a guess on the top picture that the reddish flower is a Zinnia, the yellow one to the left seems to be a Mum.

    The last photo appears to be an orchid of some sort. The other vibrant magenta flower appears to be some sort of lily (by the stamens or however you spell it).

    And that’s about all the information I was able to glean from my flower calendars over the years ( ;p okay I kid – I used to love gardening but now live in a place where the soil is so rotten I can only get great results with weeds… queen’s anne lace anyone? /eyeroll )

    • Thanks, Annie! And nice guesses on the flowers. What would I do without all of you to guide me? 🙂

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