Posted by: Shanna Germain | 07/28/2009

Pg. 119: See Not Hear



  • Weather: Pouring, I said. I said, a pouring.
  • Mileage: Two or three wet ones. Half a dry one.
  • Food: Peanut butter and jelly. Fascinating, I know.
  • Discovery: I am still so phobia-ed of ticks that I cannot walk across a football field of grass. Damn.
  • Media: The Whole Woman, Germain Greer; Bitten, Kelley Armstrong; The Woman’s Daughter, Dermot Bolger
  • Worst Thing: Gah. Writer’s block.
  • Best Thing: I feel good. Nah-nah-nah-nuh-nah. I feeeeel goooood.
  • Word of the Day: Randan. A wild-behavior spree, complete with debauchery and drinking. As in, “Well, ye’re on the randan tonight, aren’t ye?”
  • Overheard: “If I don’t have my candy, I might as well just die. Die!” from a boy of about five years old, walking down the street with his mom.


As you might be able to tell, this week has me all tied up in writing and deadlines and trip-planning. My writing-fingers are shot, and my brain is worse. When I’m not writing, I find that I need something ‘non-wordy’ to do. I crack up the music and I dance. I walk somewhere new. I spent a lot of time behind the lens of the camera.

So, what does that mean for you? I means you’ll likely get a week’s worth of pictures, but with very few words. Be afraid… I mean: Be ready. Who knows what will catch my eye?

Far and fast, s.


“You don’t take a photograph.  You ask, quietly, to borrow it.”  ~Author Unknown



  1. awwww…thats why i love children..hehe*

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