Posted by: Shanna Germain | 07/29/2009

Pg. 120: Day of the Dead


Cemetery at St. Mary’s Chapel. The building you can see in the far background is part of the church and chapel itself.


  • Weather: Nothing at all like Portland. Thank goodness.
  • Mileage: Almost five. Nice! -does a high-five to herself. hits herself in forehead by accident- Ow.
  • Food: Scottish bacon and popeye eggs.
  • Media: True Blood.
  • Worst Thing: My August 1st deadlines are … two days away.
  • Best Thing: Planning a road trip with A. I can’t wait to be in a car again! And to see A again! Woo!
  • Word of the Day: Welly. To kick. Really, really hard.



There are a lot of cemetaries (why, oh why, can I never spell the word ‘cemetery’ properly? Cemetery. There.) and cairns on the Isle of Bute. One of the neatest ones is right in the middle of Rothesay, near St. Mary’s Chapel. Both the chapel and the cemetery date from the 14th century, and the chapel includes the tomb of Stephanie Hortense Bonapart, one of Napoleon’s nieces.

For me, it’s more that it’s a beautiful walk among some incredible stonework, and some equally incredible and utterly unknown lives. So much love, real or imagined. So many people who contributed something. Who worked and raised families and did amazing things and unthinkable things. So much humanity.

Far and fast, s.




“To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead.”  ~Samuel Butler



  1. ha–come to aachen..we have a hugeeee very old cemetery with unbelievable old and interesting grave stones..yep..:-)

    • ooh! I like. I always want to tell the stories behind the etchings 😛

  2. I love cemeteries (can also never spell it, as also with “sagittarius” and “asinine” among many others.)

    It’s nice to look at the names and think up stories about them. Think about who they had been and what they had looked like.

    In my hometown in US there’s an old cemetery and one obviously very bitter woman requested that the inscription on her grave be, “I told you I was sick.” Haha. Bitter to the end…

    • omg… I can’t spell those either, and I didn’t even know it.

      I do know I can never spell weird properly either. I always write ‘odd’ instead.

      I love Dorothy Parker’s suggestion for her gravestone: Excuse my dust.


  3. Back in my home town there is an old cemetery with a lot of tombstnes with women or angels leaning or lying over the stones, what I can only imagine as being an anguished look underneath the layers of time.

    But the interesting tombstones are the small tucked away ones. The ones where perhaps the children died before the parents, or they all expired close to each other.

    The really old monuments around here have a bit of back ground on the inhabitants in the ground.

    Unfortunately women were mostly a byline back then.

    I recall one that was for a husband and wife that went something like this:

    Mister So&so was a pillar of the community, worked is way from a simple farmer in the outskirts of Franksville to owning the Feed Co-Op and town merchantile. He was a fine man and missed by many.

    Mrs So&so died beloved wife and mother.

    Yep.. that’s it back then.

    I want my tombstone to say “You would not BELIEVE what I got away with”

    Of course this will only happen if my mother goes first. Her sense of propriety beats out her wicked sense of humor every time.

    As you can tell I don’t have that problem ;p

    • Oh, hell, Annie, your tombstone suggestion made me laugh. That is SO you…

      Now I have to think of what I want on mine. Maybe:

      It’s true. Hell IS more fun.

      Finally got laid.

      Horizonal, as always.


  4. you ll love it since some of the etchings are really dramatic…:-)

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