Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/12/2009

Pg. 134: Highlands


A flower garden at the Knock Gallery, an art space which is located at 1,400 feet above the town of Balmoral and which overlooks the mountain, Lochnagar.


When I was in my late twenties, taking road trips with friends seemed to be something that you only did when you were younger, a relic of the past that you could look back on and laugh about, but which was not going to ever happen again. Then, I took a road trip from New Orleans to Minnesota, and I realized that while road trips were harder now that I was older (or perhaps it was all the alcohol I consumed on that adventure), they were also just as much fun. The driving jaunt from Oregon to New York earlier this year featured a lot less alcohol and a lot less sleeping in the car, but it was still a blast.

This road trip across Scotland (well, it was actually more up and over through Scotland) turned out to be entirely different. N drove the entire way — seven hours in one day — which we didn’t really notice while we were in the car, talking and laughing and eating and oohing over the scenery, but which came back to haunt us the next day when we pulled our asses out of bed in an exhausted state. N is not only a great (new) driver (she’s had her license for less than two months, I think), she was also a great host, a knowledgeable guide to all things Scotland and a fantastic travel companion.

We set off in the rain in the morning (hello, of course we did — it’s Scotland), but the weather turned bright and sunny for us by early afternoon, and offered fantastic views of hills and highland cows and heather. We cracked the music, cranked the conversation and just kept on rolling along.

Far and fast (except for uphill, when N’s car decided it just wasn’t going to go any faster, no matter how much we pleaded with it), s.


Scottish highlands. The changing weather and shifting sunlight gave the landscape an almost neon-ish glow at points. Like here.



Heather along the highway. The dark bits are from the cloud cover which kept shifting as quickly as I could take the pictures.




  1. {{{sigh}}}

    • Yes, exactly! 🙂

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