Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/17/2009

Pg. 139: Home Again


Gorgeous, old clawfoot tub (just for you, Annie, although I stripped the color out, as I’m sure you can tell!). Not at my home, but I wish it was. I could have lived in this bathroom, I do believe. Big tub, lots of natural light, good books and nice-smelling stuff. It even had a nice wooden rack that went across the top — perfect to put my laptop on! (Not that I would ever ever take my laptop in the water-filled tub. *cough* I mean, really.)


Is there anything better after a trip (good or bad) that returning home again? Perhaps, in many ways, this is why we leave. Just so that we can walk into our place and sink into the nearest comfy chair and smile and say, “home” (or, in my case, so I can traipse up five floors to the flat and fall down on the living room rug, cursing and whining).

I love being away — exploring, being tired in that way that you only can be when you’re on the road, sharing in other people’s home and lives. But I also love coming home — clean sheets on my own bed, books surrounding me, small comforts like knowing where the outlets are and where the clean silverwear goes.

Home, this home, will change soon enough. In another month I’ll be back Stateside. I’m both looking forward to this in more ways than I can say right now, and I’m also avoiding thinking about it for a variety of reasons. Mainly because I have no idea what I’m returning to: no job, no home, no real plan. I’m sure you’ll hear a great deal more about this as I get ready to make the transition back to my native country, but for now, let me just say this: I’m happy to be home.

Far and fast, s.




  1. I’m happy too. Sweet tub!

    • I know! You need one so I can some and bubble-bath in it! 🙂

  2. Now.. had you been in that tub of whapatoolie (forgetting any physicaly ramafications of sitting bare assed in a vat of cheap booze and various fruit punches) I could envision the party taking on a whole new twist!

    You, of course, would have been a lovely shade of purple from the event but we’d call it performance art.

    Seriously sweet tub, brings back fond, yet fuzzy memories ;p

    Remember sweetie, where ever you go – there you are *hugs*

    • Purple is -so- not my color! But I’d do it for art 🙂

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos Shanna! I particularly liked the one of the wool strands being fed into the textile machine. You’ve got us all wanting to go to Scotland now…

    • Oh, yes, as Nikki said, you should come! It really is so very gorgeous here, as you know! 🙂

  4. Oooooo tub… I joins! Move ova.. it’s big enough. 😛 Love the tub, and yeah sometimes coming home can be the scariest thing, but just think… one more adventure!

    • -gets squished by a pixie and suddenly there is a whole lot of water and soap everywhere-

      Hey! My tub!

  5. Ooh, suits you! I love how you manage to look so Timotei in that bath, S. I nearly got stuck in it, and it was more of a ‘hippo in a tin can’ effect than anything.

    • Okay, I’m stupid. I thought Timotei might be an artist, and had to look it up. LOL! 😛

      And you’re supposed to look like a hippo in a can! Just for another few months 🙂

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