Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/18/2009

Pg. 140: Rain


It rained a lot today. And yesterday. It feels like fall here. I’m not ready.



I spent some time making friends with ferns. They’re the plant species that most often houses ticks here, and I felt the need to conquer some of that fear. Thank goodness for zoom lenses — they make me look like I actually got close!




  1. really? fern fear? When I think of ferns I think of delicious fiddlehead ferns for eating. Glad you had the zoom to make objects appear closer than they were. Looking forward to reading more! Come to the southern hemisphere, spring’s on it’s way. And here in Chile the only one I’ve ever heard of getting a tick is a pooch, so I think you’re good!

  2. Well, not of the fern themselves… but of what they carry :0 The ticks, of course.

    And, spring would be sooooo nice right now!

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