Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/20/2009

Pg. 141: Just a Fun Guy?


  • Weather: Duh. What do you think? -wrings out her hair. again.-
  • Mileage: About four or five every day this week despite the rain. I feel much better.
  • Food: Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream! The co-op downstairs carries it now. OMG. Die.
  • Discovery: If you bring your umbrella, the big long heavy one, it will not rain.
  • Media: Kung Fu Panda.
  • Worst Thing: You know, they really really need a word for when someone is killed by an umbrella. I swear it.
  • Best Thing: It’s my little sister’s b’day. Happy day, gorgeous girl!
  • Word of the Day: Gregory Pecks or Gregs. Glasses. As in, “Time ah wis gettin testit fur a new perr a gregories.”
  • Overheard: “New Zealand is just like Scotland, only as it was in the 1950s.”



Fungi spotted on today’s walk. At least, I think they’re fungis…fun guys…funguses…fun gus? But when I tried to look them up online and see what they were, nothing came up that looked like this. Maybe they’re not fungus after all, but some sort of alien seed pod. War of the Worlds is upon us! You heard it here first!

Hm. Wonder how many odd search hits I’ll get with that announcement?

Although if you’re at all interested in fungus, check out this page, which showcases some cool ones, especially the first one.


Q: Why did the mushroom go to the party?

A: Because he was a fungi.

Q: Why did he leave?

A: Because there wasn’t mushroom.



  1. I think those are fortune cookies.

    (Or maybe I just need a new pair of Jeff Becks.)

    • Jeff Becks. Lol. See, now you’re getting the hang of it! I wonder what my fortune will say?

  2. hm, those look like jew’s ears. I’m not being inflammatory – here they are with a proper name and all:

  3. – although I hasten to add before you try cooking with them, I’m not a fungi expert and you’d need to do a spore test and all sorts of stuff to make sure!

    • Oooh, cool! I’m so glad you found that link. Not to worry — I’m not about to put them in my mouth anytime soon! They were pretty, but didn’t look all that appetizing! 🙂

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