Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/21/2009

Pg. 143: Ups & Downs


The view from the top of the ‘accidental hike’ — a short bridle path that turned out to be the long way ’round.



  • Weather: Sunshine. Wind. Glory.
  • Mileage: Uncertain. About two and a half hour’s worth.
  • Food: Mexican. Woot! Okay, kinda’ Mexican. But still woot!
  • Discovery: There’s a British Navy ship parked in the harbor. No idea why, but you can hear them talking from the shore.
  • Media: Started A Dirty Job, Cristopher Moore
  • Worst Thing: That wasn’t mud I just stepped in…
  • Best Thing: The view from the top.
  • Word of the Day: Dump. The core of an apple, after you’re done eating it.


There’s a beautiful woods behind the flat that I’ve written about before. The walking path from the house to the beach and back is about two or three miles round trip. There is also a horse/bridle trail that goes through the same woods, a trail that I hadn’t been on before. Today, with its sunny, windy glory was the day.

I didn’t realize a. how flat the walking path was until I was on the very uphill bridle path and b. how big the woods are. It was all good until I got kind of lost (okay, so it wasn’t really lost — the path just ended, as it’s wont to do here), but I found a gate and a nice, not-too-soggy pasture and made my way back to the road. Only then did I realize I’d left town way, way behind (and far, far down) and I still had another half hour walk or so to get back to it.

Tomorrow: No walking. No getting lost. Just a visit to the highland games. And perhaps a wee drink.

Far and fast,s .



The island’s only grocery store now has a pseudo-Mexican section, complete with UK’s version of Old El Paso. It was good, even if it didn’t really taste like anything Mexican.



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