Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/22/2009

Pg. 144: Highland Games, 1

The men of the Rothesay Highland Games (who really need no more introduction than that). Come back tomorrow for the women of the games. And a few other treats!



One of the participants in the Big Men Competition. No, it’s not really called that, but they were huge. They should be — they had to throw hammers (no, not roofing hammers — they were more like sledgehammers on steroids), toss cabers (those things that look and feel like telephone poles), and throw kettle bells as high as possible. Just watching it made feel exhausted.



The hammer throw. Those suckers weight a lot, and they could throw them really, really far. I kept gasping. All I could think was “rotator cuff injury! ow!”



Throwing one of the very heavy things very, very far. I mostly like the kilt action in this one.



This gentlemen was part of the marching band competition. As each band competed, three of four of these guys would cross the field in time to the music, marching and twirling (and sometimes throwing and catching) their baton-like things (I’m sure there’s a better name for them. I’m showing my ignorance of all things highland.)


Lest you think the highland games are all about big men throwing heavy things, I should say there were lots of marching bands and bagpipes, lots of stands that sold things, tons of Scottish dancing and a wide variety of other activities, including a road race. Pictures of those goodies tomorrow. Promise!

Far and fast, with heavy objects, s.



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