Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/23/2009

Pg. 145: Highland Games, 2

The women (and girls) of the Rothesday Highland Games, as promised. Ta-da.



I don’t know quite what her role was (gods, I’m the worst Scottish tour guide ever!), but she looked absolutely adorable doing it.



Two girls waiting for their turn to go up on stage for the Highland Dancing Compeition. Highland dancing is a form of folkdancing that actually originated in the 11th century as celebratory dances. Back then, they were traditionally done by men, and these competitions were used by Scottish leaders to choose their men-at-arms. Footwear of choice between dances? Crocs or wellies.



The competition itself. There are four dancers to a team, typically four women, but it can also be a mixture of two women and two men. You can see roots of both ballet and modern folk dancing in the moves. The outfits are very specific: a dark velvet jacked with gold or silver braid edging and buttons, over a white ruffled shirt (actually, most of the girls were running around with a square ruffled taped to their white sports bras. When you put the jacket on over it, you can’t tell the difference). Other important pieces are the kilt and tartan hose, as well as the dancing shoes, which are black-laced gillies.



Post competition. There were a lot of exhausted and exuberant looking girls out there after they competed.



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