Posted by: Shanna Germain | 08/31/2009

Pg. 152: How to Lose Ten Pounds in One Day


Just walk six rainy miles through the muddy fields and forests in ginormous rain pants and a pair of five-pound wellies. Works every time.


Wellies. They are the official footwear of Scotland.

Ok, I don’t know if they truly are or not, I just made that up. But if they’re not, they should be. They keep your feet dry. They keep your socks and the bottom of your pants clean and unmuddied. They protect you from ticks. They protect you from little yapping dogs that want to drool on you. They protect you from little yapping kids that want to drool on you. I feel invincible when I’m in wellies (provided that there isn’t a root or something to snag me up, in which case I will feel bruised and about an inch high).

People wear them everywhere here. To hike. To shop. To walk the river. To boat. To the movies. To the highland games. For a night on the town. (I’m not kidding — that’s what the heeled wellies are for.). I see them on the smallest babies and on the elderly. Women and men.

The bad news is they weigh about a bazillion pounds. And they’re pretty thing on the bottom, so if you’re walking on pavement, they’re kind of painful.

Still, there’s nothing like squelching through the puddles with glee and abandon to make a dreary, rainy day seem better! I even think I’m going to do it again tomorrow.

Far and fast, s.





  1. Have you tried the H. G. Wellies? I hear they’re good for time travel!

  2. Ooh! I need to get me some of those!

    On second thought.. maybe not. Can you imagine the butterflies I would accidentally kill?

  3. @ jeremy…every time when i think you just simply cant get any funier you prove me wrong!

    @ shanna
    i had wellie stoo when i was a kid in france..for when i went to the stables to see the horses or run through the wine yards…i dont know their french name anymore but in german they are called gummistiefel which you can translate as rubber boots..:-) can we hop from puddle to puddle? lets ask nikkis mom if she can come out to play..nikki i mean..of course..:-)

  4. girlfriend……..we wear the same boots in costa rica for all of the same reasons, plus snakes!! NO TICKS where I am.

  5. OR, yo baby, those are some nice lookin wellies

  6. Thanks, Danielle! : )

    How’s the puddle hopping going?

  7. Heheh! You guys all make me laugh 🙂

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