Posted by: Shanna Germain | 09/01/2009

Pg. 153: Friends In High Places


Me and Friend N., comparing bellies. She is, as you can probably tell, gorgeously expectant. She is also kind and generous and talented and way way smart.


Friends were here for the weekend, and it was joyous and fun and we all ate too much and some of us drank too much. And some…er one of us chipped a tooth on a wine glass, and then said, “The wine glass is fine!” before realizing that it wasn’t bits of glass in in their mouth, it was bits of tooth. (Yeah, yeah, that someone was me. It’s a small chip, out of one of my incisors. Makes me look all tough. I swear it.). We played Boggle and talked a lot and we ate candies and glorified rice and mushrooms and a million other things. We took a walk in the seriously pouring rain, heads down, water dripping in our eyes. We even made it all the way up the hill to see Saint Blane’s!

It was a good way to spend time. A fantastic way to spend time. But sad too. It was a reminder that my time here is coming to an end, that it may be a long time before I see these friends again, that before I come back there will be a baby born and a house moved into and about a million other things that I will be sorry to miss.

But I’ll take this now, this moment here, filled with laughter and conversation and joy.

Far and fast, s.



The chapel at St. Blane’s. Absolutely breath-taking, both the ruins of the buildings and the spot in general, which is located on a high, sheltered hill, surrounded by old, stately trees.




  1. ha..that picture is awsome…you three look great on it..:-)))

    • Thanks Danielle! I thought so too!

  2. I cannot believe you are blogging about that chipped tooth.

    Readers, the chip was so small the Hubble telescope would have needed glasses to see it …

    Anyway, I’m glad we got you to St Blane’s – and that I won the belly competition … by a streak!

    And really, six weeks is not such a long time. You are coming back in six weeks, right? I’m sure you said that and signed it somewhere on a piece of paper.

    • No, no, no! It was HUGE!!!

      -opens her maw to show everyone her ginormous chip-

      Huge, I say!

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