Posted by: Shanna Germain | 09/04/2009

Pg. 156: The Blues


I’ve got the “leaving a place” blues. And I’m not even leaving yet…



  • Weather: Fall has arrived. Sleeting rain down sideways.
  • Mileage: Six or so.
  • Food: Smoked salmon from the fishmonger. I am going to miss the seafood here…
  • Discovery: Every one in twelve karaoke singers can actually carry a tune.
  • Media: Beyond Here Lies Nothing, The Bob
  • Worst Thing: The intense sense of sadness that lies on my tongue, bittersweet.
  • Best Thing: That moment halfway through a walk when the rain stops and the sun shines on my wet face.
  • Overheard: At the co-op: Girl: What month is it?   Guy: November.   Girl: Wow.   Guy: No, wait. September.




  1. I feel really sad for you too. Obviously I don’t know you & almost never comment on this blog, but have been following since before you landed on your isle, so I will miss living vicariously thru your Bute adventures!

    Safe travels…katherine

  2. Oh, wow, thanks so much, Katherine! I’ll be traveling around the US once I get back, so you can join me vicariously there too! 🙂

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