Posted by: Shanna Germain | 09/05/2009

Pg. 157: I’ll Fly Away


Butterfly resting along the shore of Loch Fad. There were tons of them flying about, despite the strong winds and the smattering of rain.



  • Weather: Pissing down rain. I think that’s how I’m supposed to say it.
  • Mileage: Four? Maybe five if you could how far down into the mud I went with every step.
  • Food: Roasted chicken and sweet potatoes.
  • Discovery: I can fit a long into a single suitcase.
  • Media: I’ll Fly Away
  • Best Thing: A gift that I can’t even describe in words — it’s so perfect. It’s a painting from N of the view outside the living room window of the flat. It’s gorgeous, and it’s my favorite view of Bute, and of Scotland.
  • Worst Thing: All I gave her was a book 😦
  • Word of the Day: Ta-ra: Goodbye. Just be glad I’m not trying to learn how to say it in Gaelic.




  1. Hey, I *love* that book! Scotland will be a little more dreicht without you, hon. xxx

  2. And I will be a little more dreicht without you! (wait… dreicht means ‘sad’ or something, right? :P)

  3. Heh, yes, dismal/grey/rainy/gloomy. Have a good flight hon! xx

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