Posted by: Shanna Germain | 09/14/2009

Pg. 161: Kittens


Even kitties have egos. A mirror-check.


Meow! Today’s field trip? We went to the Southwest Washington Humane Society to pick out kitties for Friend G and her two boys, Thing 1 and Thing 2. We went through a slew of kitties, looking for the right personalities for the family: cuddly, purr-cats, not too high energy but not too lethargic.


The Attack of the Killer Kitten. Coming to theaters near you!


Of course, they were all too cute for words. Which meant that we got to hold all of them about a million times and ooh and aww. In the end, the boys chose the first kittens they’d looked at: a brother and sister pair, two-month-old long-haired balls of purrs and claws. Names: Quagmire (or possibly Stewie) and Cleo.


Quagmire/Stewie and Thing 2.



The slightly shy-er pair of Cleo and Thing 1.


Quagmire/Stewie settled right in as soon as we got home, finding a lounging spot atop the pillow on the couch and purring anytime anyone spoke, laughed or touched him. Cleo was a little more uncertain, and spent much of the night hiding under the living room chair.

“I hope she’s going to get more comfortable,” said Friend G as we got ready for bed.

“I’m sure she will,” I said, hoping so too.

About four hours later, I woke up to find a cat on either side of my head, tails twitching, purr-boxes rumbling. By morning, both of them were alternating between winding around everyone’s legs, taking over the couch, hunting down various toys and meowing for attention when it waned for even a second.

Now, if only I could get comfortable in a new place that quickly…

Far and fast, s.




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  2. So cute! I recently got two new kittens, it is amazing how quickly they adjust.

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