Posted by: Shanna Germain | 09/16/2009

Pg. 163: Defying Gravity



Some people really do walk on water, or on air, don’t you think? They leap, skip, jump and practically fly above the rest of the world, powered by whatever it is that revs the motors of superheros. For the past week, I’ve been in the presence of one of those people. Friend G is full of life, full of lust, full of laughter, full of love. She offered me her couch and then let me crash in her bed, she regaled me with stories of Burning Man and camping, she and her man took me to see a live band and to karaoke (I didn’t sing, but he did and he has a fantastic voice), then she let me tag along while she and her boys picked out their new kitties. We walked, we talked, we shared whiskey, we ate and ate some more…

There are some people that you can just be you with. Totally you. She’s one of the few that I feel that way about. Despite my jet lag and culture shock and some other emotional ups and downs on my first week back in the States, she managed to hold me up, help me through and let me find my way as I needed. And I could just be me. Which is such a rare and wonderful treat.

Lest you think she’s perfect, I will say this: She snores like a mother. Which is hysterical, because she’s a tiny creature who’s in fantastic shape and until I heard her snore, I never would have guessed that anything so small could make such a big noise.

I want to be like her (not the snoring part — although, truly, I probably already am and she’s just too nice to say so) but the other part. The defying gravity. Not just the scientific version of gravity. But the emotional version of gravity, the getting so caught up in the bullshit and fear and drama and trauma that you slow down, stop moving, become stuck. I want to be suspended, caught between earth and sky, weightless, twirling, covered in delight.

Far and fast, s.


“What kind of scale compares the weight of two beauties, the gravity of duties, or the ground speed of joy? Tell me, what kind of gage can quantify elation? What kind of equation could I possibly employ?” ~Ani Difranco



  1. Oh Shanna. What ever are you talking about? BAK says I absolutely do not snore like a mother…..more like an elephant. Where does it come from? I really do want to know. It started long ago. In fact, I kept an entire slumber party awake on the deck when I was six. But I’m sure that my snoring made it possible for them all to see a shooting star or two before the sun came up. Sadly, they didn’t think about it that way. They dipped my fingers in warm water and made me pee myself. Jet lag, culture shock, whatever….you are wonderful. You are home. You are well……well…..well, just a really great friend and I love you and make wishes for your happiness daily. Snort!

  2. I like that phrase…defying emotional gravity. I think that if the vast majority of people would work harder at it, we’d all reap the benefits. Some people wake up every morning miserable and want to make everyone around them miserable. I don’t get it and couldn’t possibly imagine living that way. I had a life changing event many years ago when I came within inches of losing my life. I took a quick review of all of my life’s experiences and determined my priorities. Ever since that day I have seldom become mired in the BS that sometimes gets dished out and always look for the whipped cream in life. I always stop and smell the roses.
    Thanks for the new phrase…. defying emotional gravity, live like a butterfly.

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