Posted by: Shanna Germain | 10/06/2009

Pg. 169: Send Shanna to __________!

The results are in! Kind of…

These are the places you suggested for me. Actually, I had more than a hundred people respond to my plea for assistance between Facebook, email and this blog. Which is…awesome! And it left me with a whole lot of cities to look into. Now, I need help narrowing it down.

I’ve made a poll listing every city that got at least two votes from you guys and I’ve decided that based on the results of this poll, I’ll visit the top three cities that you pick for me, and see which one of those I want to live in. You can pick up to two of the cities listed, or you can write in your own if you like.

So, vote now! Have your say on where I plant myself for the next…who knows how long?

…ok, wow. I just realized how scary this is, putting my future in your hands! Don’t send me to Tallahassee or anything, please. Pretty please?

PS — I just realized that if you write in your own city, it just shows up as “OTHER” on the poll for some reason, so feel free to throw your city of choice in the comments after you vote. Thanks!

PS2 — Also, if you haven’t been playing along, you can see my list of criteria for a city here.



  1. Shanna, Boulder isn’t at all far from Denver. 🙂 Have you been there? Hip place. Pearl Street is awesome. Beautiful, we’re talking gorgeous area.

    Just saying.

  2. Salida’s a nice town, but several hours from an airport, and has very little cultural opportunities. Boulder is better, from that standpoint, but it ain’t cheap.

  3. Carrboro/Chapel Hill got two votes — my suggestion, which was seconded by Emily Spende. Didn’t make the cut though. Hope you come visit!

    Best, Hassan

  4. I was in Flagstaff a short time ago and was blown away by the friendliness of the people there. Really creative and active community, check it out.

  5. Oh, also… Bloomington, Indiana. Sweet little town, lots of beautiful hiking around there, home of IU, good food, lots of writers seem to be there (and musicians)… and um, again, close to ME! 🙂

  6. If *I* lived in America I think I’d go to Alaska. Yes, right on the tip. Or maybe Canada. Yes. Probably I’d emigrate to Canada. Maybe Cuba.


    I think perhaps my opinion is moot.

  7. This is a great list of towns, but one question is–how do you feel about snow and long winters? Or hot, muggy summers? The Pacific Northwest kind of spoils you in that regard. On the other hand, a snowy evening is perfect for writing!

  8. Well, I finally voted – and not for the place I’d suggested, though I see it got a number of votes. I voted for Northampton, MA. The one thing it doesn’t have going for it is there’s no ocean nearby have a few hours drive to get to it. Something to think about.

    This is a great list of towns.

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  10. I went with Asheville since at least that would get you on the East Coast and within driving distance. And I’ve heard it’s about as liberal as NC can be.

    And as I said by email, any place with a good-sized university is likely to have the qualities you want in a town.

  11. I voted for Salida (given that I’d suggested it in the first place) and while it was tempting to vote for Boulder as well (because I’d sorta suggested it and then vetoed it all at once), I’m voting for Santa Fe as well. Because it’s beautiful. But it ain’t cheap, and I’m not too sure if the arts are the accessible sort, rather than ritzy galleries for ritz tourists. Awesome breakfast place there though!

    (and if I could have voted more, I’d have voted for Boulder and Flagstaff and also Prescott, AZ)

  12. Okay, I didn’t like any of the places on your list, but I’m weird. For you I think Boulder might be a good fit. We have a lot of Boulder refugees here locally but compared to Portland it’s still very livable. Not for me, but for you.

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