Posted by: Shanna Germain | 12/06/2009

Pg. 186: Ghost Tree Against Blue-Moon Sky


Fifteen-minute poem anyone? I’m going to write a fifteen-minute poem later today out of this photo, but wanted to give everyone else the chance to write one first. There aren’t really any rules to this: write a poem in fifteen minutes (or do the five-minute version if you really feel challenged!) inspired in any way by the photograph. You can post it here, post it on your own blog or just comment and say, “Yeah, I did, but I’m not sharing!” The joy of the timer poem is that there’s no pressure, just throw together whatever you can and enjoy!

So, what poetry do you see?

Far and fast, s.




  1. OK, SG, It’s been a while. I hope the lines come out correctly.

    Thanks for the exercise.


    Back in our native land
    the skies sapphire blue, the cornfields long, sad
    slow notes of country music & long, sweet, solo truck drives
    I’d forgotten how sweet.
    You so far away, my hands cracked and bleeding.

    And we never knew each other
    back in this native land
    back in my line dancing days
    eating black raspberry ice cream overlooking
    the Illinois river.
    Heart semi-choked
    listening to the slow notes of country music.

    This me you never knew
    bittersweet and mixed now with city existence.
    Hardened, wary, singing these slow notes more easily.
    I miss you
    but I miss the country girl too.

    • Oh, wow, this is so gorgeous! I’m glad I already wrote mine, or I’d feel intimidated 🙂

      I love the use of the senses — the songs, the colors, the visions of the hands… beautiful.

      Thank you.

  2. I just found your blog today. I love what I have read so far. I decided to write a 15 minute poem.
    Thanks for the idea.

    A Cold Walk at the Lake

    The Air is dry and no white condensation

    billows out of our mouths as we talk

    Hunched in our layers

    trudging at first

    then as we find the warm place

    in our stride

    we able to almost ignore

    the numbness of our extremities

    At the end of the circle

    around the darkening water

    two owls speak

    gentle penetrating questions

    as the shadows fill up

    the empty spaces in what is

    left of the day.

    • Oh, this is also wonderful! Welcome to the blog. I love the lines “As we find the warm place in our stride” and “the empty spaces in what is left of the day.”

      Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I’ve been trying to make sense of my past lives and the fact they can’t coexist. Maybe you feel the same going back to old haunts.

    • I do, absolutely. The me I was tries to coexist with the me I am which tries to coexist with “travel me” and bam! Wall.


  4. […] 7, 2009 by Annette So the lovely SG over at her blog put up the challenge of a 15 minute poem based on a photo she took (read her blog, she’s a not only a wonderful writer, but a great […]

  5. Sorry I’m late luv. I’ve been higher than a kite with all these meds for the creeping crud 🙂

    I took like 10 minutes

    Under the Night Tree

    “Touch the moon” he whispered
    Against the nothing that I’ve become
    While I reach, stretching beyond my limits
    Trying to please, trying to be
    Something I’m not.

    “Tell me you love me” the words grate
    Against my ear and I whisper back
    Automatically. Without feeling,
    without hope, forgetting for a moment
    His face

    And we sat under the dappled moonlight
    While the tree wrapped us in her shadowy embrace
    Feeling more like love and life than the charade we play
    Feeling more like home than his arms could
    I’m lost

    “Look up” she whispers in the nights gentle breeze
    And I see the moon through her branchs
    While his lips crawl over my neck
    And suddenly I am away

    Far away

    I am gone

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