Posted by: Shanna Germain | 12/07/2009

Pg. 187: 15-Minute Poem


(here’s my fifteen-minute poem from yesterday’s post. mine turned out dark, which I think is because I came up with the title first 😛 scroll down to read the wonderful poems that readers wrote!)


Witch List

The wolf is sick again. Skin and bones
urked onto the wood floor, gristle between
his teeth. If he smiled, you would know
that dinner dines not on plates but on
places. And hearts. Hers is black these days,
a rot of swamps and shallows, quick breaths,
the kind of air that weaves frost patterns
along her lungs, little hands making
patty-cake prints. There are six things
she must do today, and none of them pretty.
Moss makes soft shoes on which to walk
the darkway, picking frogs from limbs.
Dressed in delight branches, the moon
howls to her as she goes, awroos like an old lover
whose face stays turned away,
hidden by hair like fronds.

Far and fast, s.



  1. know i love the dark side of your work..of your words…guide us guide us deeper into your mind..:-)

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