Posted by: Shanna Germain | 12/15/2009

Pg. 188: SnowSky




  1. It’s this exact kind of cloud hijinx that give me a science headache. Sure yea yea, air pressure and junk. How can something we can’t see or feel impose a consistent pattern like that? Honestly, I’m still not at peace with the entire idea of clouds either really.

    Nice photo.

    • It’s one of those things that makes me think of patterns, and how everything is a pattern on a larger and larger scale. Cells mimic the pattern of the solar systems, and how things like shells and cochlea and whirlpools and black holes have the same basic shape. How these clouds echo and ripple like bed sheets. Or snow. Or the ocean floor.

      It’s beyond me. Makes my head spin.

  2. That’s what the ground looked like where I was today.

    This weather sucks, the picture is waygnar.

    • I’m happy for the funky weather. Considering it’s mostly been sweat-your-head-off hot here!

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