Posted by: Shanna Germain | 01/20/2010

Pg. 194: Today I Heard

…this again.


And it made me miss Scotland with a fierce sadness that literally brought me to tears. Not just Scotland. All the people and places and events that were part of it. The me that was part of it.

All gone now. Always here, but all gone too. The weight of it paralyzes me.

Far and fast, fight for each breath, s.




  1. I miss Scotland that very same way, with a heavy, keening sigh.


  2. I’m not thaaaat far away! Just a few states away!

  3. You know that Costa Rica has captured my heart and I miss her in much the same way. I headed back on Feb 6 and it’s all I can hink about.

    That’s a beautiful song. Loved it whe you first posted it!

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